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MN Publications - Pre 2003

As staff at the Legislative Reference Library receive requests for older print state documents, or identify important older state documents, we scan them and add them to our Minnesota Edoc files. We have scanned thousands of Minnesota state documents, published before 2003, with links to electronic versions that could be added to the catalog record of any other library. This page displays the last six months of added documents. You can also choose to view documents added during previous calendar years.

We would be happy to digitize additional older documents on request.

For comments or questions, contact David Schmidtke at the Legislative Reference Library.

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Items scanned since 5/28/2021

[Letter reporting actions by the State University System to ensure that teaching assistants for whom English is a second language are proficient in speaking and writing English].
State University System
OCLC Number: 13084410
Minn. Pub. Number: 86-0355

[Superfund Task Force report on personal injury liability provisions of the Minnesota Environmental Response and Liability Act.]
State Planning Agency
OCLC Number: 12793490
Minn. Pub. Number: 86-0006

A management plan for Jay Cooke State Park
Department of Natural Resources.
OCLC Number: 06726402
Minn. Pub. Number: 81-1357

A proposal for Heritage Trails Center and Recreation Area to Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Commission
Architectural Resources Inc.
OCLC Number: 07044641
Minn. Pub. Number: 81-0035

Auditor's report on internal accounting control, management practices, and compliance and auditor's comments on compliance for circular A-102, attachment P audits (single audit) for Anoka County, year ended December 31, 1984.
State Auditor.
OCLC Number: 12739287
Minn. Pub. Number: 85-1622

Auditor's report on internal accounting control, management practices, and compliance and auditor's comments on compliance for circular A-102, attachment P, audits (single audit) for Ramsey County, year ended December 31, 1984.
State Auditor.
OCLC Number: 12609760
Minn. Pub. Number: 85-1501

Biennial report.
The Board
OCLC Number: 07304151
Minn. Pub. Number: 20-1279
Minn. Pub. Number: 18-1281
Minn. Pub. Number: 18-1282
Minn. Pub. Number: 16-1221
Minn. Pub. Number: 15-0567
Minn. Pub. Number: 13-0061
Minn. Pub. Number: 10-1442
Minn. Pub. Number: 09-0120
Minn. Pub. Number: 07-0235
Minn. Pub. Number: 05-0117
Minn. Pub. Number: 03-0056
Minn. Pub. Number: 01-0369
Minn. Pub. Number: 99-0295
Minn. Pub. Number: 96-0534
Minn. Pub. Number: 94-0590
Minn. Pub. Number: 92-0627
Minn. Pub. Number: 91-0385
Minn. Pub. Number: 89-0358
Minn. Pub. Number: 87-0370
Minn. Pub. Number: 85-0959
Minn. Pub. Number: 83-0412
Minn. Pub. Number: 81-0618
Minn. Pub. Number: 79-0892
Minn. Pub. Number: 76-1585

Biennial report.
Department of Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation
OCLC Number: 01800236
Minn. Pub. Number: 2414
Minn. Pub. Number: 21-0612
Minn. Pub. Number: 21-0611
Minn. Pub. Number: 21-0610
Minn. Pub. Number: 21-0609
Minn. Pub. Number: 21-0608
Minn. Pub. Number: I-129
Minn. Pub. Number: 21-0607
Minn. Pub. Number: 21-0606
Minn. Pub. Number: 21-0605
Minn. Pub. Number: 21-0604
Minn. Pub. Number: 21-0603
Minn. Pub. Number: 21-0602
Minn. Pub. Number: 21-0601

Emergency ambulance service ... annual report
Minnesota Center for Health Statistics.; Emergency Medical Services Section
OCLC Number: 07661460
Minn. Pub. Number: 79-2683

Final report to the Legislature : assessment of Indian elder access to services in Minnesota.
Minnesota Board on Aging
OCLC Number: 30712348
Minn. Pub. Number: 94-0299

Final report, 1969-70 interim.
Minn. Legislature - Minn. House of Representatives - House Research ; Minn. Legislature - Minn. House of Representatives - Committee on Health and Welfare - Subcommittee on Treatment Facilities for Alcoholics and Drug Abusers.
OCLC Number: 12919273
Minn. Pub. Number: I-282

Final report.
Interim Commission to Study Ramsey County Government
OCLC Number: 12706228
Minn. Pub. Number: I-469

Immunization law study : a report and recommendations on immunization policy in Minnesota
Acute Disease Prevention Services Section.; Department of Health. Commissioner's Task Force on Immunization Practices.
OCLC Number: 37204658
Minn. Pub. Number: 97-0380

Iron Range air quality analysis : draft final report sections
Midwest Research Institute (Kansas City, Mo.); Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Air Quality Division.
OCLC Number: 06544495
Minn. Pub. Number: 79-2873

Iron Range Interpretative Center, Chisholm, Minnesota : analysis and recommendations for traffic patterns, exhibition revisions, graphic standards.
Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board.; Joseph A. Wetzel Associates.
OCLC Number: 07097074
Minn. Pub. Number: 80-3111

Iron range regional research center feasibility study
Sommer, Lawrence J.; Thomas & Vecchi Architects.; Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board.
OCLC Number: 07044930
Minn. Pub. Number: 81-0034

IRRRB grants 1977-1990.
Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board.
OCLC Number: 21532675
Minn. Pub. Number: 90-0346

Minnesota environmental response and liability act of 1983 : a report to the Legislature on the implementation of superfund.
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.
OCLC Number: 11849265
Minn. Pub. Number: 85-0753

Minnesota life support transportation services, ... annual report
Minnesota Center for Health Statistics.; Emergency Medical Services Section
OCLC Number: 07613044
Minn. Pub. Number: 81-1246

Monitoring and improving the English speaking proficiency of teaching assistants : description of testing and training.
University of Minnesota.
OCLC Number: 10269360
Minn. Pub. Number: 84-0199

Questions and answers concerning the school immunization law.
Department of Health.; Department of Education.
OCLC Number: 18647299
Minn. Pub. Number: 88-0694

Referendum levy handbook : issues and strategies for the mid-1980's.
Educational Cooperative Service Unit of the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area.
OCLC Number: 08791231
Minn. Pub. Number: 82-1157

Report of the Interim Commission to Revise and Codify Drainage and Water Resources Laws
Interim Commission to Revise and Codify Drainage and Water Resources Laws.
OCLC Number: 15640504
Minn. Pub. Number: I-50

Report on the feasibility and desirability of rate regulating the ambulance industry.
Division of Community Health Services. Emergency Medical Services Section.
OCLC Number: 34362481
Minn. Pub. Number: 96-0162

Report on the Hormel Foundation.
Attorney General.
OCLC Number: 13925211
Minn. Pub. Number: 86-1185

Report to members of House Rules Subcommittee on Personnel Policies subject, interim operation of House Research Department
House of Representatives. Research Department.
OCLC Number: 16403030
Minn. Pub. Number: I-231

Report to the Governor and the Legislature on the petroleum tank release clean-up program.
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.; Minnesota. Department of Commerce.
OCLC Number: 25257190
Minn. Pub. Number: 92-0084

Risk adjustment : report from the commissioner of health and the commissioner of commerce to the Legislature.
Health Economics Program.; Risk Adjustment Expert Advisory Panel.; Department of Health.; Department of Commerc
OCLC Number: 31991716
Minn. Pub. Number: 95-0144

School immunization law : funding and policy issues.
Acute Disease Prevention Services Section, Minnesota Dept. of Health
OCLC Number: 40817314
Minn. Pub. Number: 99-0149

Senate Natural Resources and Environment Committee report : a tour of Central Minnesota's wild rice growing areas, Aitkin and Itasca counties, August 11, 1971.
Senate. Committee on Natural Resources and Environment
OCLC Number: 17986876
Minn. Pub. Number: I-435

Structure and duties of Minnesota public sector labor relations agencies: a report to the Legislative Commission on Employee Relations.
Legislative Commission on Employee Relations
OCLC Number: 07079844
Minn. Pub. Number: 80-2687
Minn. Pub. Number: 80-2686

Unit composition schedules for state employees.
Minnesota Dept. of Personnel
OCLC Number: 06560300
Minn. Pub. Number: 80-1226

Water pollution from nonpoint sources : an assessment and recommendations.
Metropolitan Council
OCLC Number: 5189528
Minn. Pub. Number: 79-1562

Wind study at Hill Annex Mine for Iron Range resources and rehabilitation mineland reclamation
Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board
OCLC Number: 07562676
Minn. Pub. Number: 81-1197