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The Legislative Reference Library has archived the following electronic versions of this document. There may be other documents available.

Southwest Green Line LRT Extension: 90% Submission.

Publisher: Metropolitan Council

Volume J - Bid Alternate 10, 17th Avenue Extension (LRCI 12) 12_VOL J_90_FINAL.pdf
Volume K - Bid Alternate 11, Guideway Profile Adjustment (LRCI 13) 13_VOL K_90_FINAL.pdf
Volume L - Bid Alternate 12, 17th Avenue Water Main and Sewer (LRCI 14) 14_VOL L_90_FINAL.pdf
Volume M - Bid Alternate 13, Train between LRT and CSAH 61 (LRCI 26) 26_VOL M_90_FINAL.pdf
Volume N - Bid Alternate 14, Fiber Optic Conduit (LRCI 27) 27_VOL_N_90_FINAL.pdf
Volume P - Bid Alternate 20, Beltline Blvd, CSAH 25 improvements (LRCI 32) 32_VOL P_90_FINAL.pdf
Volume Q - Bid Alternate 31, Louisiana Station Area Trail (LRCI 33)


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