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The Legislative Reference Library has archived the following electronic versions of this document. There may be other documents available.

FY 2014 Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council Final Accomplishment Plans Report.

Publisher: Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council

DNR Wildlife Management Area, Scientific and Natural Area, and Native Prairie Bank Easement - Phase V (FINAL)

Coldwater Fish Habitat Enhancement - Phase V (FINAL)

Accelerated Wetland and Shallow Lake Enhancement, Phase V

Minnesota Moose Habitat Collaborative - Phase II (FINAL)

Cannon River Headwaters Habitat Complex Phase III

DNR Grassland Phase 5 (Final)

Young Forest Conservation

The Camp Ripley Partnership: Protecting the Mission and Mighty Mississippi River

Northeastern Minnesota Sharp-tailed Grouse Habitat Partnership, Phase IV

Critical Shoreland Habitat Protection Program: Phase 2

Shallow Lake & Wetland Protection Program - Phase III (Final)

Wetland Habitat Protection Program (Final)

Wild Rice Shoreland Protection (Phase II-FINAL)

Grasslands for the Future

MN Prairie Recovery Project Phase 4 (Final)

Minnesota Buffers for Wildlife and Water- Phase III (Final)

Pelican Lake Enhancement

DNR Aquatic Habitat - Phase V

Metro Big Rivers Phase 4 (Final)

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Acquisition of Property Surrounding Lake Tamarack (Final)

Albert Lea Lake Management and Invasive Species Control Structure

Conservation Partners Legacy Grants Program (Phase 5 FINAL)

High-Priority Pre-Transaction Service Acceleration (Final)

Accelerating the Wildlife Management Area Program, Phase 5 (Final)

Lower Mississippi River Habitat Partnership

Accelerating the Waterfowl Production Area Acquisition - Phase V (FINAL)

Protect (Acquire) Key Forest Habitat Lands Cass County

Reinvest in Minnesota Wetlands Reserve Program Partnership - Phase V (FINAL)

Root River Protection and Restoration


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