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Politics and Elections

Minnesota Election Information

Minnesota Media Political Coverage

Minnesota Lobbying and Campaign Finance

Minnesota Political Parties

National Election Issues

National Lobbying and Campaign Finance

  • Campaign Finance - Information from the Brookings Institution.
  • Common Cause - A large, nonprofit, grass roots initiative promoting "open, honest, and accountable government." Many of its efforts focus on campaign finance and lobby disclosure reforms.
  • - A nonpartisan site dedicated to the reduction of confusion and deception in the United States political process. This watchdog group monitors the accuracy of political statements made by the major political players.
  • Federal Election Commission - The independent federal agency that gathers financial information on presidential and congressional campaigns.
  • Follow the - Reports and a searchable database on campaign contributions in state politics. Includes information on Minnesota candidates.
  • Initiative and Referendum Institute - Located at the University of Southern California, this group provides a wealth of information on initiative and referendum. Includes Statewide I and R data as well as national and local.
  • - Center for Responsive Politics - Provides databases, searchable by zip code, for researching the role money plays in Congressional elections and actions.


  • Elections & Redistricting - Publications from the Minnesota House of Representatives, House Research Department.
  • Redistricting in Minnesota - Legislative Reference Library overview of the reapportionment and redistricting process. The guide provides information and links to many resources, as well as links to four decades of guides on Minnesota's redistricting efforts: 2020, 2010, 2000 and 1990
  • Congressional Demographics - New look-up tool from the U.S. Census Bureau that allows quick display of population, education, housing, marital status and other data about each Congressional District.

Voting Statistics and Election Results --Historical

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