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Minnesota Legislative History - Location of Materials

Minnesota Statutes  Minnesota Session Laws  Journals  Bills
Legislative Committee Minutes  Audio and Video Recordings  Floor Logs
Additional Research Materials  Fee-Based Legislative History Research Services

Minnesota Statutes

Minnesota Session Laws


House Journal

Senate Journal


House Files (HF)

Senate Files (SF)

Legislative Committee Minutes

House Minutes

Print minutes are the official record and are generally more complete than the online minutes.

Senate Minutes

Print minutes are the official record and are generally more complete than the online minutes. Not all Senate committees produce committee minutes.

  • 2009-present (partial and unofficial): Senate Minutes
  • 2005-2006: Digitally archived by the LRL
  • 1999-2020: Print at LRL
  • 1973-1988: Microfilm at LRL
  • 1911-1998: Print at MHS Library
  • 1883-1910: Print at MHS Library (Judiciary Committee only)

Audio and Video Recordings of Floor Debates and Committee Hearings

Not all meetings are available in both formats. Contact the Library if you have difficulty accessing the audio or video files. 

House Audio/Video

  • 1991-present: Audio from the LRL
  • 1998-present: Video from the LRL
  • 1998-present: Audio and video from House Public Information Services
  • To purchase a copy of a House video please contact House Public Information, 175 State Office Building; (651) 297-1338 - $12.50 per item produced.

Senate Audio/Video

Floor Logs

Floor logs are helpful if you are listening to floor debate as part of your legislative history work because they indicate the order of bills and general length of time for discussion.

House Logs

Senate Logs

Additional Research Materials

As a part of the legislative history research process, it can sometimes be fruitful to look at secondary sources.



Clippings for Legislators by District Number

  • 2009-present: Online on Capitol computers in LRL's News Archive
  • 2000-2009: Print in LRL's file cabinets
  • 1972-1999: Microfilm at LRL

Fee-Based Legislative History Research Services

Please see the Minnesota Legislative History Research Guide for a list of additional research materials.

Library staff assistance should not be construed as a substitute for professional legal research aid.

For guides on how to do legislative history research, see LRL's Legislative History Step by Step and the MHS Legislative History Guide.

See also a one-page, printable PDF of this information.

  • Legislative Reference Library (LRL)
    645 State Office Building
    (651) 296-3398
  • Minnesota Historical Society (MHS) Library
    345 W. Kellogg Blvd.
    Reference Desk
    (651) 259-3300