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Legislative Time Capsule - 62nd Legislature (1961-1962)

Session Dates (All Sessions)

  Convened Adjourned Calendar Days Legislative Days - House Legislative Days - Senate
1/3/1961 4/17/1961 105 75 75
1961 1st Special Session
To provide for basic appropriation and revenue measures, and other matters of importance not enacted during the regular session. Matters considered: Adopted 100 laws relating to professional corporations, unfair trade practices, license plates, agricultural seed, elections, claims, consolidation and investment of swampland and permanent school fund, retirement, uniform traffic tickets, soil conservation, sanitary districts, investment of state funds, salaries, state indebtedness, appropriations for buildings and general operation of state government, and numerous local laws.
4/24/1961 6/8/1961 46 33 33
  House session adjourned 6/7/1961.    
1961 2nd Special Session
To consider congressional reapportionment, aid to the blind, and other matters of importance. Matters considered: Amended certain provisions relating to income tax, divided state into eight new congressional districts, and gave aid to blind.
12/18/1961 12/19/1961 2 2 2

Legislation (All Sessions)

  House - Bills Introduced Senate - Bills Introduced Laws Resolutions
1961 1948 1801 757   Search 8
1961 1st Special Session 294 255 100   Search 0
1961 2nd Special Session 35 18 3   Search 0

Other Information

Vetoes (All Sessions)

  Full Bills Vetoed
(including pockets)
Pocket Vetoes Bills with Line Item Vetoes [# of lines vetoed] TOTAL
Full Bills Vetoed + Lines Vetoed
Full Bills Vetoed + Bills with Lines Vetoed
1961 4 3 0   [0] 4 4
1961 1st Special Session 0 0 0   [0] 0 0
1961 2nd Special Session 0 0 0   [0] 0 0


All House Senate


Speaker of the House Edwin J. Chilgren  (Nonpartisan Election-Liberal Caucus)
House Majority Leader Frederick Anthony Cina  (Nonpartisan Election-Liberal Caucus)
House Minority Leader Lloyd L. Duxbury, Jr.  (Nonpartisan Election-Conservative Caucus)
President of the Senate This position was handled multiple ways historically - See full list
Senate Majority Leader John Matthew Zwach, Sr.  (Nonpartisan Election-Conservative Caucus)
Senate Minority Leader Harold W. Schultz, Sr.  (Nonpartisan Election-Liberal Caucus)


Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives George H. Leahy
House Sergeant-at-Arms Edward Nelson
Secretary of the Senate Herbert Y. Torrey
Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Clarence A. Schutz

Election Results

- Selected election results are available at this page.

Party Control of the House of Representatives (All Sessions)

Date Event Note Total Seats C/R/IR L/DFL Other Margin
1/3/1961 Convenes [Total seats possible = 135] 131 58 73 0 15
C=Conservative  R=Republican  IR=Independent Republican  L=Liberal  DFL=Democratic-Farmer-Labor

Party Control of the Senate (All Sessions)

Date Event Note Total Seats C/R/IR L/DFL Other Margin
1/3/1961 Convenes [Total seats possible = 67] 67 43 24 0 19
C=Conservative  R=Republican  IR=Independent Republican  L=Liberal  DFL=Democratic-Farmer-Labor

House Committees


Senate Committees