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Newly Acquired Minnesota State Government Reports

This list is drawn from the Legislative Reference Library's acquisition database. The items have been received, but not yet cataloged. It is intended as an alerting service for those librarians and researchers who are actively acquiring documents and need timely notice of the publication of new reports. For a monthly email reminder of Newly Acquired Minnesota State Government Reports, sign up by going to the Minnesota Legislative Library News Lists page and choose "Newdocs." For notification of individual new reports, sign up for the Newly Acquired Minnesota State Government Reports RSS feed.

This checklist fulfills the requirements of Minnesota Statutes 3.195, subdivision 3.

Other Editions

New State Government Reports From July 2022

Minn. Legislature - Minn. House of Representatives - House Research

Burress, Matt. County State-Aid Highway System. Publication Date: June 2022.

Danyell Punelli. General Assistance. Publication Date: June 2020.

Klarqvist, Elisabeth. Minnesota Clean Indoor Air Act. Publication Date: June 2022.

Klarqvist, Elisabeth. Minnesota's Medical Cannabis Program. Publication Date: June 2022.

Klarqvist, Elisabeth. The Minnesota Newborn Screening Programs. Publication Date: June 2022.

Minn. Legislature - Minn. Senate - Senate Counsel, Research, and Fiscal Analysis

Backhus, Kenneth P. Background Check Requirements for Firearm Transfers. Publication Date: June 2022.

Backhus, Kenneth P. Firearms Possession by Persons with Mental Illness. Publication Date: June 2022.

Backhus, Kenneth P. Minnesota's Permit to Carry Law. Publication Date: June 15, 2022.