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Special Interest Groups

Minnesota Public Policy Organizations

  • Center of the American Experiment - A nonpartisan, tax-exempt public policy and educational institution which explores conservative and alternative ideas regarding Minnesota and the nation.
  • The Citizens League - An independent, nonpartisan group that promotes citizen interest in Minnesota public policy. Includes a link to recent issues of Citizens League Voice.
  • Growth & Justice - "A nonpartisan, public policy institute or think tank focusing on ideas to make Minnesota's economy simultaneously more prosperous, fair and environmentally sustainable."
  • Itasca Project - An employer-led civic alliance focused on providing leadership for long-term regional development, accelerating efforts to address critical issues from a regional perspective, and encouraging organizations to work together.
  • Joint Religious Legislative Coalition (JRLC) - An interfaith, public-interest lobby group working on social justice issues in Minnesota.
  • Minnesota E-Democracy - A nonpartisan citizen based project seeking increased public participation through effective and meaningful online discussions and information exchange on public policy issues.
  • Minnesota Family Council - A nonprofit, nonpartisan, pro-family organization whose mission is "to strengthen Minnesota families by restoring America's founding Judeo-Christian principles to public policy."
  • Minnesota 2020 - Archive for the "nonpartisan progressive think tank" that ceased publishing in 2014. The website is hosted by the Minnesota AFL-CIO.
  • Minnesota Women's Consortium - 165 member organizations advocate the equal rights of women and children.
  • Taxpayers League of Minnesota - A nonpartisan, nonprofit grass roots taxpayer advocacy organization.

Indexes to Special Interest Groups

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