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Laws of Minnesota 2002, Chapter 393 (HF3618)

Omnibus capital investment financing, bonding

An act relating to capital improvements; authorizing spending to acquire and better public land and buildings and other public improvements of a capital nature with certain conditions; requiring certain studies and reports; authorizing sale of state bonds; canceling earlier appropriations and reducing earlier bond authorizations; making technical corrections and clarifications; making changes to statutes related to administration of the state's capital improvement program; requiring an inventory of state-owned land; clarifying that the commissioner of administration does not have authority over construction plans and specifications at the University of Minnesota; authorizing the design-build method for certain construction projects; establishing the greater Minnesota business development public infrastructure grant program; creating a trunk highway corridor projects account; changing the wastewater infrastructure funding program; authorizing an agreement in connection with the Great River Road project,- prohibiting certain actions in connection with the Dan Patch commuter rail line; authorizing a multiagency working group on the DM&E rail project mitigations; providing for the conversion of certain general fund expenditures to bond fund expenditures; establishing a shoreland protection program; requiring a report; appropriating money.

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