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Minnesota Agencies

Information on Minnesota State Agencies, Boards, Task Forces, and Commissions

Compiled by the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library

Minnesota Corrections Authority

Active dates:1973-1975
Function: Every order granting or revoking probation, committing to an institution, granting or revoking parole, or issuing final discharge to any person shall fall under the control of the Minnesota corrections authority.
Succeeded by:
History: In 1973 the powers and duties of the Adult Corrections Commission and the Youth Conservation Commission were transferred to the Minnesota Corrections Authority and the later two organizations were abolished. The Adult Corrections Commission had operated as part of the Division of Adult Corrections within the Minnesota Department of Corrections.

In 1975 the Minnesota Corrections Authority was changed to the Corrections Board (1975 Minn. Laws Chap. 271 Sec. 3).
Membership: 5 members; 6-year terms
Notes: Succeeded by Office of Adult Release in Corrections Department
Record last updated: 10/15/2012

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