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Legislative Time Capsule - 48th Legislature (1933-1934)

Session Dates (All Sessions)

  Convened Adjourned Calendar Days Legislative Days - House Legislative Days - Senate
1/3/1933 4/19/1933 107 81 77
1934 1st Special Session
To consider emergency situation of unemployment and cooperate with federal government concerning such, and to regulate the manufacture, transportation and sale of intoxicating liquors. Matters considered: Amendment to act relating to care of poor; authorize board of supervision of certain organized towns to create department of highway engineering for road construction; temperance education in public schools; regulate manufacture, sale and distribution of intoxicating liquors; authorize state executive council to extend direct relief, work relief, and employment of citizens; and various other laws.
12/5/1933 1/6/1934 33 23 24

Legislation (All Sessions)

  House - Bills Introduced Senate - Bills Introduced Laws Resolutions
1933 2026 1748 444   Search 24
1934 1st Special Session 290 233 83   Search 11


Speaker of the House Charles Munn  (Nonpartisan Election-Liberal Caucus)
House Majority Leader Roy Emery Dunn  (Nonpartisan Election-Conservative Caucus)
John J. McDonough  (Nonpartisan Election)
House Minority Leader Unknown - See full list
President of the Senate This position was handled multiple ways historically - See full list
Senate Majority Leader Charles Noah Orr  (Nonpartisan Election-Conservative Caucus)
Senate Minority Leader Unknown - See full list

Number of Seats

  • House: 131
  • Senate: 67

Election Results

- Selected election results are available at this page.

House Committees


Senate Committees