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Legislative Time Capsule - 39th Legislature (1915-1916)

Session Dates (All Sessions)

  Convened Adjourned Calendar Days Legislative Days - House Legislative Days - Senate
1/5/1915 4/22/1915 108
1916 1st Special Session
To consider law to permit members of National Guard to vote at next election. Matters considered: Provide for method by which legal voter member of National Guard may vote.
10/28/1916 10/28/1916 1 1 1

Legislation (All Sessions)

  House - Bills Introduced Senate - Bills Introduced Laws Resolutions
1915 1183 921 386   Search 5
1916 1st Special Session 2 3 3   Search 0


All House Senate


Speaker of the House Harvey Howard Flowers  (Nonpartisan Election-Conservative Caucus)
House Majority Leader Thomas H. Girling  (Nonpartisan Election)
House Minority Leader Unknown - See full list
President of the Senate This position was handled multiple ways historically - See full list
Senate Majority Leader Unknown - See full list
Senate Minority Leader Unknown - See full list

Number of Seats

  • House: 130
  • Senate: 67

Election Results

- Selected election results are available at this page.

House Committees


Senate Committees