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Laws of Minnesota 1994, Chapter 639 (HF3086)

Passive bioremediation allowed; hazardous substance release expanded

An act relating to the environment; establishing an environmental cleanup program for landfills; providing for buy-outs for insurers; increasing the solid waste generator fee; transferring the balance in the metropolitan landfill contingency action trust fund; authorizing the sale of bonds; renaming the office of waste management as the office of environmental assistance and providing for appointment of the director; transferring certain personnel, powers, and duties to the office of environmental assistance; transferring solid and hazardous waste management personnel, powers, and duties of the metropolitan council to the office of environmental assistance; expanding the authority of the commissioner of the pollution control agency to issue determinations regarding liability for releases of hazardous substances and petroleum,' requiring environmental review of certain projects; authorizing rules; providing penalties; appropriating money.

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