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Workers' Compensation State Fund Legislative Study Commission

Also known as:
Minnesota Workers' Compensation State Fund Legislative Study Commission
Active dates:1979-1980

The Workers' Compensation State Fund Legislative Study Commission was created to study and report on the feasibility of a state competitive fund to provide workers' compensation insurance.

The Commission shall report its findings and recommendations to the governor and legislature not later than January 1, 1981.


"The establishment of the National Commission on State Workmen's Compensation Laws by the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 created significant activity on the state level to increase the benefit structure and administration of state compensation programs, to avoid federal intervention. Of the 84 federal commission recommendations presented in 1973, 19 were considered "essential" benefit guidelines. The Minnesota Legislature took an aggressive stance toward benefit improvements during the mid 1970's, culminating in the passage of the 1979 workers' compensation act (Laws of Minnesota 1979 Extra Session, Chapter 3). Minnesota now complies with 16 of the 19 essential recommendations. More generous benefits have meant increased costs for Minnesota employers. The current cost problem is highlighted by comparisons to costs in our neighboring states. ...The initial step taken in 1977 was to create the Workers' Compensation Study Commission which reported in 1979 and initiated major reform." (excerpt taken from pages 12-13 of the Commission's Final Report provided below)

The Study Commission held twelve hearings in which it explored all aspects of the differences between state workers' compensation funds and the private insurance industry.

The final recommendation of the study commission was this: "The undersigned majority of the members of the Study Commission recommend that the Minnesota Legislature should establish a competitive state compensation insurance fund which would begin selling insurance to private employers in Minnesota on July 1, 1984". See final report for further details.


As of 1980, members were: Senator Steve Keefe (Chairman); Senator Nancy Brataas; Senator Roger Laufenburger; Senator William P. Luther; Senator Jim Nichols; Senator Conrad Vega; Representative Wayne Simoneau (Vice Chairman); Representative Joseph R. Begich; Representative O.J. (Lon) Heinitz; Representative John R. (Dick) Kaley; Representative Leo J. Reding; Representative Tony E. Stadum.

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