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Minnesota Agencies

Information on Minnesota State Agencies, Boards, Task Forces, and Commissions

Compiled by the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library

Higher Education Coordinating Commission

Also known as:
Minnesota Higher Education Coordinating Commission
Active dates:1967-1975
Function: The legislation which established the Commission gave it responsibiIity for both comprehensive planning to meet present and future needs and administration of certain state and federal programs.

The higher education coordinating commission shall report to the governor concerning its activities from time to time and may report in connection therewith to the governing body of each institution of higher education in the state, both public and private. It shall file a formal report with the governor not later than October 15 of each even numbered year so that the information therein contained, including recommendations, may be embodied in the governor's budget message to the legislature. It shall also report to the legislature not later than January 15 of each odd numbered year.
Preceded by:
Minnesota Liaison and Facilities Commission for Higher Education
History: The origins of the Minnesota Higher Education Coordinating Commission came from the Minnesota Liaison and Facilities Commission for Higher Education, which was established by the 1965 Minnesota State Legislature and charged with the responsibility to "continuously study and analyze all aspects of higher education - both public and private, and develop necessary plans and programs to meet present and future needs of the people of the state in respect thereto".

In addition to changing the name of the Commission, the 1967 Legislature expanded its responsibilities to include the administration of the Minnesota state scholarship program and the inter-institutional educational television projects, as well as the negotiation of interstate agreements regarding the reciprocal exchange of students and the development of recommendations regarding the need and location of future state junior colleges.

Complete History of name changes:
Minn. Laws 1965 c 809 s 32 subd 1 - Established the Minnesota Liaison and Facilities Commission for Higher Education.

Minn. Laws 1967 c 615 s 1 (H. F. No. 818) - Changed the name of the liaison and facilities commission for higher education to the Minnesota higher education coordinating commission.

Minn. Laws 1975 c 271 s 6 - Changed the Higher education coordinating commission to higher education coordinating board.

Minn. Laws 1995 c 212 art 3 s 9 - Abolished the higher education coordinating board and transferred certain duties; created the higher education services office and the higher education services council.

Minn. Laws 2005 c 107 - Changed the name from Higher Education Services Office (HESO) to Minnesota Office of Higher Education
Membership: The Higher Education Coordinating Commission consisted of 18 members.
Membership as of October, 1968:
Arnold E. Stoa, Winona, First Congressional District
Edwin T. Herbig, Jr., Waseca, Second Congressional District
Melvin A. Hammarberg, Edina, Third Congressional District
Lee Slater, St. Paul, Fourth Congressional District
Leonard E. Lindquist, Minneapolis, Fifth Congressional District
Jack Lynch, Willmar, Sixth Congressional District
Chris N. Christu, Moorhead, Seventh Congressional District
Harold Grams, Sr., Virginia, Eighth Congressional District
Brother J. Gregory Robertson, F.S.C., Winona, Private Colleges
Sidney A. Rand, Northfield, Private Colleges
Elmer L. Andersen, St. Paul, University Board of Regents
Malcolm Moos, Minneapolis, University Board of Regents
G. Theodore Mitau, St. Paul, State College Board
Peter S. Popovich, St. Paul, State College Board
Philip C. Helland, St. Paul, Junior College Board
Robert A. Mahowald, St. Cloud, Junior College Board
Duane J. Mattheis, St. Paul, Board of Education
George Rossman, Grand Rapids, Board of Education
Agency heads: Officers: Leonard E. Lindquist, President
Lee Slater, Vice-President
Philip C. Helland, Secretary
Richard C. Hawk, Executive Director
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News clippings and documents. Agencies Notebook Collection, 1967-1975.
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