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Child Support Work Group

Active dates:2015 - 2016

To review the parenting expense adjustment in Minnesota Statutes, section 518A.36, and to identify and recommend changes to the parenting expense adjustment.


The creation of this group evolved out of a package of family law changes drafted by the informal Minnesota Custody Dialogue Group. The group was charged with working out an agreement on parenting time legislation in a veto letter from Governor Mark Dayton in 2012. HF512 was one of six bills introduced in the 2015 legislative session to make changes to Minnesota's child custody and support laws. Earlier versions of the bill modified the computation of child support obligations and parenting time expense adjustment, but eventually the work group emerged out of the legislative process.

The work group shall issue a report to the chairs and ranking minority members of the legislative committees with jurisdiction over civil law, judiciary, and health and human services by January 15, 2016.The report must include recommendations for changes to the computation of child support and recommendations on the composition of a permanent child support task force. The Child Support Task Force was then created by the legislature in 2016.

The work group expires January 16, 2016.


(1) two members of the House of Representatives, one appointed by the Speaker of the House and one appointed by the Minority Leader;
(2) two members of the Senate, one appointed by the Majority Leader and one appointed by the Minority Leader;
(3) the Commissioner of Human Services or a designee;
(4) one staff member from the Child Support Division of the Department of Human Services, appointed by the commissioner;
(5) one representative of the Minnesota State Bar Association, Family Law section, appointed by the section;
(6) one representative of the Minnesota County Attorney's Association, appointed by the association;
(7) one representative of the Minnesota Legal Services Coalition, appointed by the coalition;
(8) one representative of the Minnesota Family Support and Recovery Council, appointed by the council; and
(9) two representatives from parent advocacy groups, one representing custodial parents and one representing noncustodial parents, appointed by the commissioner of Human Services.

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News clippings and documents. Agencies Notebook Collection, 2015.
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