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Minnesota Agencies

Information on Minnesota State Agencies, Boards, Task Forces, and Commissions

Compiled by the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library

Board of State Capitol Commissioners

Active dates:1893-1907
Function: To secure the erection of a new capitol.
History: The governor shall be, ex-officio, the presiding officer of said board and shall have the right and opportunity to express opinions and give his advice upon all measures or questions that may come before said board for consideration and determination, but shall not be deemed a member of said board, except for the purpose of presiding over their deliberations at their regular and special meetings, which shall be conducted according to the usual parliamentary rules. The persons thus appointed shall be subject to removal by the governor for cause, and should any vacancy occur in said board from death, resignation or otherwise, the governor shall fill the same by appointment, such appointment, however, to be subject to rejection or ratification by the senate at the first session of the legislature following such appointment.
Membership: Seven persons, one from each Congressional District:
H.W. Lamberton of Winona, First Congressional District
James McHench of Fairmont, 2nd District
George A. Du Toit of Chaska, 3rd District
Channing Seabury of St. Paul, 4th District
John De Laittre of Minneapolis, 5th District
Charles H. Graves of Duluth, 6th
E.E. Corliss of Fregus Falls, 7th District
Notes: The Legislative Library has the First through Seventh Biennial Reports in our collection, see link below.
Record last updated: 12/03/2015

Additional print information on this group may be available in the Library's collection of agency notebooks. Please contact a librarian for assistance. The Minnesota Agencies database is a work in progress.

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