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Science and Technology Initiative Advisory Commission

Active dates:2010 -
Function: The advisory commission must assist the authority in developing a comprehensive science and technology economic developmen plan to be presented to the chairs and ranking minority members of the legislative committees and divisions with jurisdiction over economic development and higher education by January 15, 2011. The plan must include recommendations in strategic areas for science and technology investments, recommendations on additional programs to support science and technology focused economic development activities in the state, selection of specific programs and grantees for support from program funds authorized by the advisory commission and ongoing assessment of the effectiveness of programmatic elements according to metrics to be developed by the authority in consultation with the advisory commission. The advisory commission may also advise and assist the authority in fulfilling its duties under section 116W.04.
The advisory commission expires June 30, 2013.
History: The Minnesota Science and Technology (S&T) Authority was created in July 2010 by legislature and tasked with developing and implementing a comprehensive science and technology economic development strategy (Strategic Plan) for Minnesota.

An 18-member Advisory Commission was appointed by Governor Pawlenty to serve as the lead in preparing the strategic plan. Many of the previous members from the Advisory Committee who prepared the Recommendations for a Minnesota Science and Technology Initiative Report submitted to Legislature January 15, 2010 were asked to serve on the newly appointed Advisory
Membership: 18 members comprised of:
(1) two representatives of the University of Minnesota, selected by the president of the university, including a faculty member actively involved in science and technology research;
(2) two representatives of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, selected by the chancellor, including a faculty member actively involved in science and technology research;
(3) the chief executive officer of Mayo Clinic or a designee;
(4) six chief executive officers or designees from science-oriented or technology-oriented companies;
(5) four representatives from science-oriented and technology-oriented organizations;
(6) one representative of organized labor;
(7) a venture capital representative; and
(8) a representative of angel investors.
A member must have experience in science or technology in order to serve on the commission.
Members of the commission listed in clauses (4) to (8) shall be appointed by the
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Record last updated: 10/21/2011

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