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Tourism Office

Also known as:
Minnesota Office of Tourism
Active dates:1983-2004

The director of tourism shall:
(1) publish, disseminate, and distribute informational and promotional literature;
(2) promote and encourage the expansion and development of international tourism marketing;
(3) advertise and disseminate information about travel opportunities in the state of Minnesota;
(4) aid various local communities to improve their tourism marketing programs;
(5) coordinate and implement a comprehensive state tourism marketing program that takes into consideration all public and
private businesses and attractions;
(6) conduct market research and analysis to improve marketing techniques in the area of tourism;
(7) investigate and study conditions affecting Minnesota's tourism industry, collect and disseminate information, and engage in technical studies, scientific investigations, and statistical research and educational activities necessary or useful for the proper execution of the powers and duties of the director in promoting and developing Minnesota's tourism industry, both within and outside the state;
(8) apply for, accept, receive, and expend any funds for the promotion of tourism in Minnesota. All money received by the director under this subdivision shall be deposited in the state treasury and is appropriated to the director for the purposes for which the money has been received. The money does not cancel and is available until expended; and
(9) plan and conduct information and publicity programs to attract tourists, visitors, and other interested persons from
outside the state to this state

Preceded by:
Tourism Bureau: Public Information Office

In 2004 Minn. Laws Chap. 171 Sec. 5 established the Explore Minnesota Tourism Council, created as an office in the executive branch with a director appointed by the governor. The director was to be under the supervision of the commissioner of employment and economic development. The Tourism Office was repealed.

Agency heads:

The office of tourism is under the direction of a director of tourism in the unclassified service. The governor shall appoint the director of tourism.

Record last updated: 11/02/2021

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