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Information on Minnesota State Agencies, Boards, Task Forces, and Commissions

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Sexual Predators Task Force

Active dates:1994-1995
Function: Examine current law and practice relating to the commitment of psychopathic personalities under Minnesota Statutes, chapters 253B and 526. The task force shall examine the laws of other jurisdictions and the clinical literature on sex offender treatment and shall make recommendations on options, both civil and criminal, for dealing with sexual predators. The task force shall report to the chairs of the house judiciary and senate crime prevention committees with these recommendations by January 15, 1995.
History: In 1994 the Legislature created a task force to study confinement of sexual predators, including commitment of psychopathic personalities. The Task Force was created in response to litigation questioning the constitutionality of Minnesota's psychopathic personality commitment statute (Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 526).

In Special Session that same year, the Legislature passed statutory amendments recommended by the task force, including an additional commitment category: "sexually dangerous person" (SDP).

The issue of community notification was first formally raised in a legislative context in the Task Force on Sexual Predators. In their final report, the Task Force recommended: the enactment of legislation that provides for public notification when certain high risk sex offenders are released into a community, if the notification will result in increased public safety.

In response, legislation was introduced in the 1995 legislative session to accomplish that goal (House File 181). However, it was not enacted. Instead, the legislature called for further study of the issue by the Community Notification Work Group.
Membership: 13 members: The task force shall consist of two members of the senate appointed by the majority leader and two members of the house of representatives appointed by the speaker. Legislative membership from each body shall consist of one member of the democratic farmer labor party and one member of the independent republican party.

In addition, the task force shall contain the following: (1) four members selected by the commissioner of corrections, including at least one representative from the law enforcement community and one sexual assault counselor; (2) one county attorney selected by the county attorneys association; and (3) four members selected by the commissioner of human services, including the ombudsman for mental health and mental retardation, one mental health professional, one representative of a mental health advocacy group, and one representative from the attorney general's office.
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News clippings and documents. Agencies Notebook Collection, 1994.
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