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2010 - Governor Tim Pawlenty
Full Bills Vetoed (including pockets): 18
Pocket Vetoes: 5
Bills with Line Item Vetoes: 5
Lines Vetoed: 61
Full Bills + Bills with Line Vetoes: 23
Full Bills + Lines Vetoed: 79
Session Chapter Bill # Companion # Governor's Message Topic Full or Line (# of lines) Overridden?
86th Legislature 398 HF2227 SF1880 5/27/2010 Pocket Veto Commission on Service Innovation established, Minnovation Council established, innovation and redesign grants authorized, home rule charter commission provided for certain counties, Task Force for Policy Innovation and Research established. Full No attempt
86th Legislature 390 SF2900 HF3124 5/25/2010 Pocket Veto Omnibus natural resources policy bill. Full No attempt
86th Legislature 389 HF3729 SF3327 5/27/2010 Omnibus tax bill.
Line Item: Page 154, lines 154.30 - 154.34: $100,000 to Chisago County for development of a carbon neutral industrial park.
Line Item: Page 155, lines 155.1 - 155.6: $100,000 to the city of Princeton for engineering and preliminary design for a biomass facility and industrial park improvements for renewable energy development.
Line Item: Page 155, lines 155.7 - 155.10: $100,000 to the Commissioner of Revenue to be used for facility and parking improvements at the revenue department facility in Ely.
Line (3) No attempt
86th Legislature 387 SF2469 HF3117 5/25/2010 Pocket Veto Motor carrier transportation contracts indemnity provision prohibition. Full No attempt
86th Legislature 386 SF251 HF127 5/25/2010 Pocket Veto Motor vehicle definition clarification. Full No attempt
86th Legislature 381 SF560 HF891 5/27/2010 Pocket Veto Criminal records expungement law provisions expansion and modifications. Full No attempt
86th Legislature 367 SF3145 HF2757 5/18/2010 Controlled substance mixture definition modification; controlled substance possession offenses modifications. Full No attempt
86th Legislature 362 HF2624 SF2462 5/15/2010 Legislative-citizen commission on Minnesota resources (LCCMR) funding appropriations.
Line Item: Page 17, lines 13-19: $143,000 appropriation for the Analysis of Options for Minnesota's Energy Independence.
Line (1) No attempt
86th Legislature 361 SF3275 HF3702 5/17/2010 Omnibus environment, energy and natural resources policy and finance bill.
Line Item: Page 100, lines 100.29 - 100.30: This section allows the PUC to assess up to $800,000 per year for supplemental staffing. The words "and appropriated to the commission" have been vetoed.
Line Item: Page 108, lines 108.11 - 108.19: $90,000 to the Commissioner of Commerce for transfer to the city of Minneapolis for a grant to an organization with experience in energy conservation and energy planning.
Line Item: Page 37, lines 37.14 - 37.18: $100,000 appropriation in fiscal year 2011 from the clean water fund to the Board of Water and Soil Resources for the purpose of establishing a micro-grants pilot program to engage citizen volunteers.
Line (3) No attempt
86th Legislature 360 HF2614 SF2337 5/13/2010 Omnibus health and human services bill. Full No attempt
86th Legislature 355 SF341 HF454 5/15/2010 Wrongful death actions by domestic partners authorization; right to control deceased persons remains expansion to domestic partners (Final Wishes). Full No attempt
86th Legislature 353 SF3019 HF3571 5/15/2010 Publicly owned nursing facilities rate increase; local share of nonfederal medical assistance costs responsibility requirement. Full No attempt
86th Legislature 347 SF2510 HF2781 5/15/2010 Omnibus employment and economic development policy bill.
Line Item: Page 154, lines 154.7 - 154.8: Appropriation of 2.706 cents per ton to the Virginia Regional Medical Center.
Line Item: Page 23, lines 23.10 - 23.13: $2 million for a grant to the Mountain Iron Economic Development Authority for renewable energy projects.
Line (2) No attempt
86th Legislature 345 SF271 HF1531 5/15/2010 State employees additional whistleblower protection; classified employees expectations as nonpartisan resources to all decision makers. Full No attempt
86th Legislature 341 HF2634 SF2185 5/13/2010 A bill extending current groundwater usage restrictions in Mt. Simon-Hinckley aquifer. Full No attempt
86th Legislature 340 HF2037 SF1556 5/11/2010 Omnibus budget balancing bill. Full No attempt
86th Legislature 335 SF2790 HF3382 5/13/2010 Juvenile records provisions modifications; expungement of juvenile records authorization; chemical use screen of juvenile offenders requirement; juvenile collateral sanctions table revisor of statutes publishing requirement. Full No attempt
86th Legislature 322 SF915 HF866 5/10/2010 A bill creating a statewide school employee health insurance pool. Full No attempt
86th Legislature 312 HF3327 SF2594 5/11/2010 A bill exempting employee reporting requirements of city-owned and county-owned hospitals. Full No attempt
86th Legislature 291 SF2226 HF2510 5/10/2010 Coercion against potential political candidates prohibition. Full No attempt
86th Legislature 284 HF3164 SF2822 4/30/2010 Minnesota state colleges and universities (MnSCU) credits transfer regulation. Full No attempt
86th Legislature 189 HF2700 SF2360 3/14/2010 Omnibus capital investments, bonding and appropriations.
52 Line Items
Line (52) No attempt
86th Legislature 182 SF2168 HF2680 2/18/2010 General Assistance Medical Care (GAMC) program and MinnesotaCare provisions modifications. Full Attempted