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1996 - Governor Arne Carlson
Full Bills Vetoed (including pockets): 19
Pocket Vetoes: 0
Bills with Line Item Vetoes: 7
Lines Vetoed: 30
Full Bills + Bills with Line Vetoes: 26
Full Bills + Lines Vetoed: 49
Session Chapter Bill # Companion # Governor's Message Topic Full or Line (# of lines) Overridden?
79th Legislature 466 HF374 4/12/1996 Large electric power generating plant certificate of need proceeding exemption provided in certain cases, and photovoltaic device and wind energy conversion system sales tax exemption extended. Full No attempt
79th Legislature 463 HF3273 4/17/1996 Omnibus bonding bill providing public improvements of a capital nature, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
17 Line Items
Line (17) No attempt
79th Legislature 458 SF2198 4/12/1996 Hemophilia; blood product infusion civil action damage statute of limitation provisions modified. Full No attempt
79th Legislature 455 SF2702 4/12/1996 Omnibus transportation appropriations bill.
Line Item: Page 3, Section 2, Lines 4-21: $200,000 to the Commissioner of the Department of Transportation for dialogue about telecommuting and to conduct public opinion polls via the Internet, and make recommendations to the legislature.
Line (1) No attempt
79th Legislature 452 HF3243 4/12/1996 Omnibus trade and economic development appropriations bill.
Line Item: Page 3, Section 2(e), Lines 4-21: $5,000 appropriation for studying the compatibility of the Kondirator projects.
Line (1) No attempt
79th Legislature 447 SF1997 4/1/1996 Businesses receiving state financial assistance required to pay at least a poverty level wage and increase employment. Full No attempt
79th Legislature 441 SF315 4/1/1996 Election law modification and clarification provided. Full No attempt
79th Legislature 436 SF302 4/3/1996 Minimum wage increased and adjustment provided based on the consumer price index. Full No attempt
79th Legislature 434 HF2190 4/4/1996 Health insurance small employer market provisions modified, reinsurance association compensation established, MinnesotaCare eligibility expanded, integrated service network provisions modified, and money appropriated. Full No attempt
79th Legislature 432 HF2101 4/3/1996 Mail balloting use expanded to include additional cities and towns. Full No attempt
79th Legislature 423 HF66 4/3/1996 Licensed professional counseling board established, licensure requirements specified, rules and penalties provided, and money appropriated. Full No attempt
79th Legislature 412 HF2156 4/3/1996 Omnibus K-12 education finance supplemental appropriations bill.
Line Item: Article 1, Sec. 34, Subd. 3: $79,000 in 1997 for a grant to independent school district No. 186, Pequot Lakes, for the purpose of reducing the district's 1996 payable 1997 property taxes.
Line Item: Article 2, Sec. 18: $150,000 to the St. Paul school district to contract with the Metropolitan Council Transit Organization for a one-year pilot program during the 1996-1997 school year to transport students to and from Arlington High School.
Line Item: Article 4, Sec. 28: $100,000 for "Family connections" aid.
Line Item: Article 4, Sec. 34, Subd.3: $300,000 in 1997 for "Grants to Implement Constructive School Discipline Policies".
Line (4) No attempt
79th Legislature 407 SF2167 4/2/1996 Omnibus environment and natural resources, and agriculture supplemental appropriations bill.
Line Item: $150,000 for the Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture
Line Item: $20,000 for the Environmental Quality Board to study environmental justice
Line Item: $20,000 for the Minnesota Dairy Producers Board
Line Item: $25,000 for the Wabasha County extension service for a pilot program to assist retiring farmers
Line (4) No attempt
79th Legislature 400 HF2782 4/2/1996 A bill that would establish an advisory council on intergovernmental relations. Full No attempt
79th Legislature 395 SF2849 4/1/1996 Omnibus higher education supplemental appropriations bill.
Line Item: $1,500,000 for "State Grants"
Line Item: $50,000 for "Loan Repayment Assistance" to graduates of Minnesota law schools who practice low paying, public interest law
Line (2) No attempt
79th Legislature 393 HF2818 3/26/1996 Omnibus health and human services appropriations bill. Full Attempted
79th Legislature 390 SF2857 3/27/1996 Omnibus state departments appropriations bill.
Line Item: Page 2, Section 3, Lines 21-38: $50,000 to the Office of Strategic and Long-Range Planning.
Line (1) No attempt
79th Legislature 383 SF2194 4/28/1996 Metropolitan council wastewater services cost allocation system determination and employees volunteer firefighter and rescue worker agreements eligibility. Full No attempt
79th Legislature 381 HF1922 3/18/1996 A bill that would allow a city to create a task force to have ultimate authority over certain state highway projects. Full No attempt
79th Legislature 379 HF2330 3/27/1996 St. Cloud area planning organization to assess and report on regional land use planning. Full No attempt
79th Legislature 375 SF1086 3/26/1996 A bill that restricts individuals with principal campaign committees and political party units from engaging in certain types of political speech. Full No attempt
79th Legislature 368 SF2267 3/26/1996 A bill that prohibits local governments from requiring employees to take a leave of absence when running for office. Full No attempt
79th Legislature 350 SF2418 3/21/1996 Legislative auditor appointment provisions modified, audit jurisdiction clarified, and audit data privacy provided. Full No attempt
79th Legislature 342 HF2953 3/19/1996 A bill to establish a public employee workers' compensation coordination feasibility pilot project. Full No attempt
79th Legislature 327 HF1540 3/18/1996 Minneapolis teachers retirement fund association member authorized service credit purchase for service outside of the state. Full No attempt
79th Legislature 325 HF1303 3/15/1996 State agencies required to appoint liaisons to interact with non-English speaking clients. Full No attempt