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Compiled by the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library

Year search results for: 1994

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1994 - Governor Arne Carlson
Full Bills Vetoed (including pockets): 17
Pocket Vetoes: 0
Bills with Line Item Vetoes: 8
Lines Vetoed: 76
Full Bills + Bills with Line Vetoes: 25
Full Bills + Lines Vetoed: 93
Session Chapter Bill # Companion # Governor's Message Topic Full or Line (# of lines) Overridden?
78th Legislature 642 SF2168 HF2249 5/10/1994 Farm Disaster Relief
8 Line Items
Line (8) No attempt
78th Legislature 640 HF3230 SF2097 5/10/1994 Transportation Policy Bill
Line Item: $250,000 grant to Minnesota Job Skills Parnership Board for a St. Paul project.
Line Item: $5,500,000 to MNDOT for trunk highway spending for road operations.
Line (2) No attempt
78th Legislature 636 HF2351 none 5/10/1994 Omnibus Crime Bill
17 Line Items
Line (17) No attempt
78th Legislature 635 HF3011 SF2680 5/10/1994 Omnibus Transportation Bill.
Line Item: Section 34; $100,000
Line Item: Section 36; $250,000
Line Item: Section 37; $130,000
Line Item: Section 38; $547,000
Line (4) No attempt
78th Legislature 632 SF2913 HF3215 5/10/1994 Omnibus Supplemental Appropriations Bill
30 Line Items
Line (30) No attempt
78th Legislature 625 SF2192 HF2525 5/10/1994 MinnesotaCare bill.
Line Item: $15,064,000 transfer from the health care access fund to the general fund to supplement funding for the Medical Assistance (MA) and General Assistance Medical Care (GAMC) programs.
Line Item: $200,000 to the Office of the Attorney General to work with the Department of Health to increase Minnesota's Medicare reimbursement rate.
Line (2) No attempt
78th Legislature 621 SF1944 HF2243 5/10/1994 A bill to increase the minimum wage. Full No attempt
78th Legislature 609 SF2232 HF2645 5/6/1994 Appointments given for some county offices Full No attempt
78th Legislature 608 SF2011 HF3004 5/9/1994 A bill relating to simulated elections for minors. Full No attempt
78th Legislature 606 HF3210 5/9/1994 Omnibus health and human services appropriations bill. Full No attempt
78th Legislature 601 HF392 5/9/1994 A bill mandating the installation of automatice sprinkler systems in offices, apartment buildings. Full No attempt
78th Legislature 599 HF1919 SF1984 5/9/1994 Manufactured home sales fees clarified. Full No attempt
78th Legislature 597 HF2951 SF2494 5/9/1994 Health care access reserve account created. Full No attempt
78th Legislature 594 HF2171 SF1991 5/9/1994 Metropolitan Council new housing rules. Full No attempt
78th Legislature 593 HF1918 SF2496 5/9/1994 Business consolidated licensing established. Full No attempt
78th Legislature 576 HF2074 SF1845 5/5/1994 Omnibus juvenile crime bill
Line Item: Pg. 63, lines 22-29;
Line Item: Pg. 63, lines 30-61;
Line Item: Pg. 63, lines 6-21
Line Item: Pg. 65, lines 38-50.
Line (4) Attempted
78th Legislature 569 SF609 HF662 5/5/1994 Minneapolis Teachers Retirement Fund allowed service credit Full No attempt
78th Legislature 555 HF2925 SF2608 5/5/1994 Cook County lakeshore property required to be re-offered for sale Full No attempt
78th Legislature 544 HF2920 SF2523 4/29/1994 Environmental assistance office established Full Attempted
78th Legislature 543 HF2135 SF1698 5/2/1994 Seniors allowed small pets in mobile homes Full No attempt
78th Legislature 540 SF1867 HF2048 5/2/1994 Health care administrative costs studied by legislative auditor Full No attempt
78th Legislature 532 SF2900 HF3178 5/5/1994 Omnibus higher education appropriations bill.
9 Line Items
Line (9) No attempt
78th Legislature 492 HF2007 SF2285 4/22/1994 A bill which attempts to clarify definitions in the whistleblower law. Full No attempt
78th Legislature 481 SF1694 HF2088 4/21/1994 Civil commitment- procedures modified. Full No attempt
78th Legislature 381 SF844 HF2228 3/28/1994 Union representatives given time off by public employers. Full No attempt