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Year search results for: 1983

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1983 - Governor Rudy Perpich
Full Bills Vetoed (including pockets): 1
Pocket Vetoes: 0
Bills with Line Item Vetoes: 1
Lines Vetoed: 2
Full Bills + Bills with Line Vetoes: 2
Full Bills + Lines Vetoed: 3
Session Chapter Bill # Companion # Governor's Message Topic Full or Line (# of lines) Overridden?
73rd Legislature 301 HF1290 6/8/1983 State Departments appropriations bill.
Note - "Governor Perpich essentially amended his veto message by withdrawing his suggestion that the appropriations could be spent for other purposes." History of the Line Item Veto in Minnesota, House Research Dept., 2016. See House Journal, June 21, 1983, p. 6237 for the letter.
Line Item: The first of the provisions I have vetoed appears on lines 14 through 16 of page 18 and reads as follows:$136,000 each year is for thereinstatement of walk-in taxpayerassistance programs.
Line Item: The second of the provisions I have vetoed appears on lines 8 through 10 of page 31 and reads as follows: $125,000 the first year and $125,000 the second year is for a grant to the Duluth port authority.
Line (2) No attempt
73rd Legislature SF510 6/14/1983 A bill imposing rent controls on residential properties. Full No attempt