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Veto Details

YearSessionChapterBillCompanionPocket?GovernorGovernor's MessageTopicFull or LineOverridden?
200282nd Legislature393 HF3618 NoJesse Ventura 5/22/2002 Omnibus bonding bill providing capital improvements funding, modifying earlier appropriations. Line No attempt

Line Item: Administration: Government Services Center, Olmsted County Predesign $700,000

Line Item: Administration: Governor's Residence Renovation ($45,000 from the general fund for relocation expenses) $4,291,000

Line Item: Agriculture: Metro Greenhouse Expansion $292,000

Line Item: Amateur Sports Commission: Mount Itasca Biathalon Facility $250,000

Line Item: Amateur Sports Commission: National Sports Center Conference Center $5,000,000

Line Item: Amateur Sports Commission: National Volleyball Center ­Rochester $3,000,000

Line Item: Arts Projects: Bloomington Arts Center $1,000,000

Line Item: Arts Projects: Guthrie Theater $24,000,000

Line Item: Arts Projects: Minneapolis Children's Theater $5,000,000

Line Item: Arts Projects: Rochester Arts Center $1,000,000

Line Item: Board of Water and Soil Resources: Browns Creek $1,300,000

Line Item: Board of Water and Soil Resources: Lazarus Creek Flood Mitigation $1,500,000

Line Item: Board of Water and Soil Resources: Local Government Wetland Replacement $2,700,000

Line Item: Board of Water and Soil Resources: RIM Conservation Easements $2,000,000

Line Item: Board of Water and Soil Resources: Streambank & Lakeshore Erosion Control $750,000

Line Item: CFL: Asian Community Center $1,000,000

Line Item: CFL: Colin Powell Youth Leadership Center $700,000

Line Item: CFL: Early Childhood Learning and Child Protection Facility Grants $2,000,000

Line Item: CFL: Library Accessibility Grants $1,000,000

Line Item: CFL: Minneapolis Planetarium $9,500,000

Line Item: CFL: Neighborhood House, El Rio Vista $1,800,000

Line Item: CFL: Southwest Metro Magnet School $1,000,000

Line Item: CFL: Trollwood Performing Arts Center $5,500,000

Line Item: Corrections: Bayport Storm Sewer $1,550,000

Line Item: Corrections: Stillwater New Desegregation Unit Predesign $90,000

Line Item: DNR: Big Bog Recreation Area $1,600,000

Line Item: DNR: Blazing Star Trail $600,000

Line Item: DNR: Como Conservatory $2,700,000

Line Item: DNR: Crookston Dam Improvements $1,050,000

Line Item: DNR: Fish Hatchery Improvements $300,000

Line Item: DNR: Fisheries Acquisition $500,000

Line Item: DNR: Gitchi Gami Trail $725,000

Line Item: DNR: Goodhue Pioneer Trail $475,000

Line Item: DNR: Greater Minnesota Regional Parks $4,000,000

Line Item: DNR: Lake Superior Safe Harbor $1,100,000

Line Item: DNR: Lewis and Clark Water System $180,000

Line Item: DNR: Metro Greenways $1,000,000

Line Item: DNR: Natural & Scenic Area Grants $1,000,000

Line Item: DNR: Paul Bunyan Trail $500,000

Line Item: DNR: Prairie Bank Easements $1,000,000

Line Item: DNR: Rapidan Dam Improvements $100,000

Line Item: DNR: Red River Recreation Area $2,900,000

Line Item: DNR: Reforestation $1,500,000

Line Item: DNR: Scientific and Natural Area Acquisition and Improvement, includes Seminary Fen, $2,500,000

Line Item: DNR: Shooting Star Trail $450,000

Line Item: DNR: State Forest Land Acquisition $500,000

Line Item: DNR: State Park Acquisition $3,000,000

Line Item: DNR: State Trail Connections - New Ulm Trail, St. Louis Park Trail, Lake Koronis Trail, $1,857,000

Line Item: DNR: Stream Protection and Restoration $1,000,000

Line Item: DNR: Water Access & Fishing Piers $1,500,000

Line Item: Health: Dental Clinics $775,000

Line Item: Human Services: Brainerd Regional Treatment Center Building $6,305,000

Line Item: Human Services: People, Inc. $375,000

Line Item: Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board (IRRRB): Mesabi Trail Station $1,500,000

Line Item: Metropolitan Council: Central Corridor Transitway Planning $1,000,000

Line Item: Metropolitan Council: Livable Communities Grant Program $9,000,000

Line Item: Metropolitan Council: Park and Ride Lots $500,000

Line Item: Military Affairs: Camp Ripley Anti­terrorism Facility $500,000

Line Item: MN Historical Society: County and Local Preservation Grants $300,000

Line Item: MN Historical Society: Fort Belmont Restoration $200,000

Line Item: MN Historical Society: New Brighton Caboose and History Center $100,000

Line Item: MN Historical Society: Pipestone County Museum Elevator $125,000

Line Item: MN Zoo: Asia Trail & Master Plan $8,184,000

Line Item: MnSCU: Bemidji State University Tech Design $1,000,000

Line Item: MnSCU: Dakota Technical College Tech Design $500,000

Line Item: MnSCU: Fergus Falls Community College Student Services Design $760,000

Line Item: MnSCU: Hennepin Technical College Remodeling $2,000,000

Line Item: MnSCU: Inver Hills Community College Student Services Design $500,000

Line Item: MnSCU: Lake Superior Community and Technical College Student Services Design $700,000

Line Item: MnSCU: Mankato Athletics Facility $8,400,000

Line Item: MnSCU: Minnesota West Community and Technical College at Worthington - Nursing $6,300,000

Line Item: MnSCU: Northeast Higher Education District - Virginia Lab Remodeling $5,496,000

Line Item: MnSCU: Northwest Technical College, Moorhead Campus - Health Design $400,000

Line Item: MnSCU: Ridgewater Hutchinson Labs $2,880,000

Line Item: MnSCU: South Central Tech Labs Design $300,000

Line Item: MnSCU: Southeast Technical College, Winona Student Services $580,000

Line Item: MnSCU: Southwest State Library Remodeling $9,200,000

Line Item: MnSCU: St Cloud Technical College $700,000

Line Item: MnSCU: St. Cloud State Remodeling $10,000,000

Line Item: MnSCU: Statewide System Land Acquisitions $1,000,000

Line Item: Office of Environmental Assistance: Capital Assistance Grants $3,600,000

Line Item: Trade and Economic Development: Cloud Convention Center Design $3,250,000

Line Item: Trade and Economic Development: Fairmont - Winnebago Avenue Sports Complex $500,000

Line Item: Trade and Economic Development: Greater MN Business Development Grants $12,000,000

Line Item: Trade and Economic Development: Itasca County, Children's Discovery Museum $300,000

Line Item: Trade and Economic Development: Mpls Empowerment Zones $3,000,000

Line Item: Trade and Economic Development: Olivia Agriculture Innovation Center $1,000,000

Line Item: Trade and Economic Development: Redevelopment Grant Program $4,000,000

Line Item: Trade and Economic Development: St. Paul Phalen Boulevard $8,000,000

Line Item: Trade and Economic Development: St. Paul Renaissance Project $2,000,000

Line Item: Trade and Economic Development: St. Paul Roy Wilkins Auditorium $4,000,000

Line Item: Trade and Economic Development: Wastewater Infrastructure Funding Program Grants $30,600,000

Line Item: Transportation: DM&E Rail Mitigation Study $500,000

Line Item: Transportation: Duluth Arial Lift Bridge Repainting $1,000,000

Line Item: Transportation: Freight Access Improvements (Port of Savage and Winona port authority to construct intermodal improvements) $7,000,000

Line Item: Transportation: Greater Minnesota Transit Facilities Grants $2,000,000

Line Item: Transportation: Local Routes of Regional Significance $10,000,000

Line Item: Transportation: Local Share ­Trunk Highway Projects $10,000,000

Line Item: Transportation: Port Development Grants $3,000,000

Line Item: Transportation: Statewide Public Safety Radio System $13,000,000

Line Item: Transportation: Town Road Sign Replacement $1,000,000

Line Item: University of Minnesota: Institute of Technology and Teaching Design $3,000,000

Line Item: University of Minnesota: Jones Hall $8,000,000

Line Item: University of Minnesota: Morris Science Facility $8,600,000

Line Item: University of Minnesota: Research and Outreach Centers (includes Morris swine farrowing demonstration facility) $2,508,000

Line Item: University of Minnesota: St. Paul Veterinary Facilities $1,500,000

Line Item: University of Minnesota: Translational Research $24,700,000