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Veto Details

YearSessionChapterBillCompanionPocket?GovernorGovernor's MessageTopicFull or LineOverridden?
199478th Legislature632 SF2913 HF3215 NoArne Carlson 5/10/1994 Omnibus Supplemental Appropriations Bill Line No attempt

Line Item: $1,500,000 to local governments to make up for the property tax money they can't collect from land owned by the Department of Natural Resources.

Line Item: $10,000 grant to the Minnesota Transportation Museum to restore a street car.

Line Item: $10,000 to the Environmental Quality Board to study the issue of environmental justice.

Line Item: $100,000 to train and certify community action agency weatherization programs to comply with M.S. 144.878, subdivision 5.

Line Item: $115,000 to the city of Minneapolis to improve the Hennepin Center for the Arts.

Line Item: $130,000 to find ways to protect the quality of the state's groundwater.

Line Item: $150,000 to the Environmental Quality Board to find a way to include the University of Minnesota heating system in a thermal network with other area heating systems.

Line Item: $150,000 transfer from the DNR to the Environmental Quality Board for activities related to sustainable development.

Line Item: $161,000 to the Office of the Attorney General to train state employees who review software and other "intellectual property" developed by state agencies to make sure it doesn't violate copyright laws and is properly licensed.

Line Item: $165,000 to the Department of Economic Security for their displaced homemaker program.

Line Item: $20,000 to set up a public employees insurance task force to study whether public employees could form a health cooperative to purchase hospital, dental, and medical insurance.

Line Item: $200,000 for a study of the costs of generating electricity in the state.

Line Item: $25,000 contribution to the Museum of the National Guard in Washington, D.C.

Line Item: $25,000 for a study to assess the status of women-owned businesses in the state.

Line Item: $270,000 for the operation of state parks.

Line Item: $300,000 to the Office of Strategic and Long Range Planning; includes $250,000 for a grant to the Northern Counties Land Use Planning Board to help some counties undergo a joint development effort and $50,000 to the Environmental Quality Board for groundwater protection coordination activities.

Line Item: $35,000 to acquire and restore an American Indian flint quarry in Mower County near Austin.

Line Item: $50,000 for a farm safety program to educate farmers regarding equipment and other farm activity safety practices.

Line Item: $50,000 for a grant to the Southwest Regional Development Commission to pay for the planning of the Lewis and Clark Water system in southwest Minnesota.

Line Item: $50,000 to a new Department of Economic Security project to give employment assistance to people with mental illness.

Line Item: $50,000 to study the feasibility of setting up a Minnesota police officers stress program.

Line Item: $60,000 for the development of the St. Anthony Falls area in Minneapolis.

Line Item: $70,000 to the Office of Waste Management to conduct its annual solid waste composition study.

Line Item: $75,000 for a grant to be used to plan and begin restoration of oak forest areas in St. Paul's Mounds and Battle Creek parks.

Line Item: $75,000 for completion of the fishing pier on the Mississippi River in South St. Paul.

Line Item: $8,000 to the Department of Commerce to study the state's pawnbroker industry.

Line Item: $80,000 to the Office of the Secretary of State for a voter information telephone line to give Minnesotans information on voter registration.

Line Item: $87,000 for increased activity in forest and prairie ecology studies.

Line Item: $90,000 for field resource ecologists needed for a county biological survey.

Line Item: A provision that would have doubled the limit on what the state is allowed to pay ethanol producers. Currently, the state pays ethanol producers 20 cents a gallon to help stimulate and encourage ethanol production; the program can spend up to $10 million a year from the general fund.