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Veto Overrides and Override Attempts

Compiled by the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library

The Legislature has the power to override a gubernatorial veto. Veto overrides require a two-thirds majority vote in the House and the Senate. Though successful overrides happen occasionally, they are rare. Veto and override information is complete from 1939 to the present. Information may not be complete from 1858 to 1938.

Show Only Overrides
Session Chapter Bill # Companion # Governor Governor's Message Topic Full or Line (# of lines) Overridden?
90th Legislature 178 HF2835 SF3836 Mark Dayton5/19/2018 A bill related to public safety: deputy registrars reimbursement funding provided, and money appropriated. Full Attempted
87th Legislature 243 SF1694 HF1774 Mark Dayton4/28/2012 Fireworks manufacture, sale and use regulations modifications. Full Attempted
86th Legislature 182 SF2168 HF2680 Tim Pawlenty2/18/2010 General Assistance Medical Care (GAMC) program and MinnesotaCare provisions modifications. Full Attempted
86th Legislature 79 HF1362 SF695 Tim Pawlenty5/14/2009 Omnibus health and human services finance bill.
Line Item: Page 373, line 11: $381,081,000 appropriation for fiscal year 2011 for General Assistance Medical Care grants.
Line (1) Attempted
86th Legislature 77 HF885 SF681 Tim Pawlenty5/9/2009 Omnibus tax bill Full Attempted
85th Legislature 152 HF2800 SF2521 Tim Pawlenty2/22/2008 Transportation finance bill appropriating money for highway maintenance, local roads, emergency relief related to the I-35W bridge collapse, establishing a bridge improvement program; issuing bonds; and modifying motor fuel taxes. Full Overridden
85th Legislature 84 HF946 Tim Pawlenty5/15/2007 Omnibus transportation finance bill appropriating money for transportation, Metropolitan Council, and public safety activities. Full Attempted
82nd Legislature 378 SF1755 Jesse Ventura5/18/2002 School employees health insurance plan study; high school raffles. Full Overridden
82nd Legislature 374 HF3270 Jesse Ventura5/18/2002 Omnibus supplemental budget balancing bill reducing state government appropriations. Full Overridden
82nd Legislature 365 SF2707 Jesse Ventura5/15/2002 Real estate task force funding surcharge omission corrected, surcharge effective date and appropriation availability extended, electronic records pilot project authorized, and task force sunset delayed. Full Overridden
82nd Legislature 283 HF2570 Jesse Ventura3/26/2002 Automobile insurance authorized to cover damage to glass on the same basis as damage to other parts of an automobile. Full Overridden
82nd Legislature 280 HF197 Jesse Ventura4/8/2002 Noncommercial television station and metropolitan bus garage grants provided, earlier appropriation reduced, bonds issued, and money appropriated. Full Overridden
82nd Legislature 220 HF351 SF264 Jesse Ventura2/25/2002 Omnibus budget balancing and appropriations bill providing funding for crime prevention, judiciary finance, family law and other state departments, and appropriating money. Full Overridden
82nd Legislature 126 SF2031 HF2074 Jesse Ventura5/18/2001 A bill relating to public works contracts. Full Attempted
82nd Legislature 122 SF1821 HF1817 Jesse Ventura5/18/2001 A bill relating to the use of existing and abandoned railroad right-of-way by telecommunication and cable companies. Full Attempted
81st Legislature 492 HF4078 SF3811 Jesse Ventura5/15/2000 An act relating to capital improvements; bonding bill.
8 Line Items
Line (8) Line item override(s)
81st Legislature 488 HF2699 SF3798 Jesse Ventura5/15/2000 Omnibus state departments bill.
Line Item: $1,750,000 to the Department of Corrections for one-time grants for construction costs for adult regional detention facilities.
Line Item: $30,000 to the Department of Public Safety for the purchase of drug detection dogs.
Line (2) Attempted
81st Legislature 479 HF2891 SF2678 Jesse Ventura5/15/2000 Omnibus transportation bill.
Line Item: $750,000 appropriation to the Commissioner of Trade and Economic Development for new travel information centers in the Minnesota River valley.
Line (1) Attempted
81st Legislature 397 SF884 HF2229 Jesse Ventura4/14/2000 Marriage license fee increase and reduction for premarital education participation. Full Attempted
81st Legislature 310 HF2809 SF2631 Jesse Ventura4/3/2000 An act relating to Human Services; Ah-Gwah-Ching Nursing Home Admissions. Full Overridden
81st Legislature 240 HF2205 SF2097 Jesse Ventura5/25/1999 Omnibus bonding bill providing public improvements of a capital nature, bond issuance authorized, and money appropriated.
7 Line Items
Line (7) Attempted
81st Legislature 106 SF303 HF462 Jesse Ventura4/27/1999 Seat belts or child passenger restraint systems use evidence admissibility clarification (seat belt gag rule). Full Overridden
80th Legislature 163 HF892 Arne Carlson5/16/1997 Minimum wage increased, and large and small employer requirements specified. Full Attempted
79th Legislature 393 HF2818 Arne Carlson3/26/1996 Omnibus health and human services appropriations bill. Full Attempted
79th Legislature 196 SF537 Arne Carlson5/22/1995 Drivers license or permit application fee refunds; improved security drivers license and identification card program evaluation; state contracts validity determination conditions. Full Attempted
78th Legislature 576 HF2074 SF1845 Arne Carlson5/5/1994 Omnibus juvenile crime bill
Line Item: Pg. 63, lines 22-29;
Line Item: Pg. 63, lines 30-61;
Line Item: Pg. 63, lines 6-21
Line Item: Pg. 65, lines 38-50.
Line (4) Attempted
78th Legislature 544 HF2920 SF2523 Arne Carlson4/29/1994 Environmental assistance office established Full Attempted
78th Legislature 173 HF163 SF152 Arne Carlson5/11/1993 Campaign reform Full Attempted
77th Legislature 364 SF1598 HF1731 Arne Carlson1/16/1992 A bill relating to elections: changing the year for implementing the presidential primary. Full Attempted
77th Legislature 358 SF1596 HF1726 Arne Carlson1/10/1992 A bill changing the boundaries of state legislative districts. Full Attempted
77th Legislature 357 SF1597 HF1728 Arne Carlson1/10/1992 A bill changing the boundaries of Minnesota congressional districts. Full Attempted
77th Legislature 291 HF1698 SF1570 Arne Carlson5/31/1991 Omnibus Tax Bill
Line Item: Article 14, Section 9, page 331, lines 35 and 36 and page 332 lines 1 through 5 appropriating money to provide local units of government for the start-up costs of providing shared services or functions.
Line Item: Article 2, Section 4, on page 79, lines 1 through 36, and on page 80, lines 1 through 4 appropriating money from the local government trust fund to the Commissioner of Revenue
Line (2) Attempted
77th Legislature 265 HF700 SF647 Arne Carlson6/4/1991 Omnibus Education Bill
14 Line Items
Line (14) Attempted
77th Legislature 218 SF268 HF1170 Arne Carlson5/28/1991 Human rights - statute of limitations Full Attempted
75th Legislature SF2235 Rudy Perpich4/19/1988 A bill relating to workers' compensation. Full Attempted
72nd Legislature 603 HF1726 1741 Al Quie3/18/1982 A bill to remove the Education commissioner as a member of the State University Board. Full Overridden
72nd Legislature 602 HF1234 1274 Al Quie3/18/1982 State of Minnesota to grant certain paid medical insurance benefits to its retired employees Full Overridden
72nd Legislature HF1176 1031 Al Quie3/19/1982 Environmental Response and Liability Act Full Attempted
72nd Legislature HF326 834 Al Quie5/8/1981 A bill to change the eligibility requirements for the Catastrophic Health Expense Protection (CHEP) program. Full Attempted
71st Legislature HF1837 SF2029 Al Quie4/7/1980 A bill to authorize issuance of temporary insurance licenses and extend the Joint Underwriting Association Act. Full Attempted
71st Legislature SF550 762 Al Quie3/10/1980 A bill related to campaign spending limits. Full Attempted
65th Legislature, 1967 Extra Session SS Chap 32 HF27 Harold LeVander6/1/1967 An act providing relief to real and personal property taxpayers, and certain real property tenants; imposing certain excise and other taxes. Full Overridden
65th Legislature HF1292 Harold LeVander5/20/1967 A bill relating to tax relief to real and personal property taxpayers. Full Attempted
62nd Legislature HF837 Elmer Andersen4/13/1961 A bill relating to the village of Island View, Koochiching County, authorizing the issuance of an additional license for the sale of intoxicating liquor. Full Attempted
60th Legislature HF1397 Orville Freeman4/1/1957 A bill relating to telephone exchanges in certain villages. Full Attempted
57th Legislature HF432 Luther Youngdahl4/12/1951 A bill relating to the appointment and salary of the director of the wild rice harvest and the licenses required to harvest wild rice. Full Attempted
57th Legislature SF144 Luther Youngdahl4/12/1951 A bill relating to the issuance of off-sale intoxicating liquor licenses in certain cities of the third class. Full Attempted
56th Legislature 498 SF1131 Luther Youngdahl4/16/1949 A bill relating to any game preserve, area, or project established pursuant to Minnesota Statutes 1945, Sections 84A.01, 84A.20, or 84A.31, appropriating money therefor, prescribing penalties for violations. Full Overridden
55th Legislature HF911 Luther Youngdahl4/24/1947 A bill relating to licenses for sale of intoxicating liquors in certain cities of the fourth class; International Falls. Full Attempted
54th Legislature SF107 Edward Thye4/12/1945 A bill relating to the avoidance and settlement of labor disputes, the promotion of industrial peace, declaring certain violations of law to be gross misdemeanors and empowering certain state officials and agencies to investigate and prosecute such violations. Full Attempted
38th Legislature HF207 A.O. Eberhart4/15/1913 A bill for an act to amend Section 2842 of the Revised Laws of 1905, relating to State and local control of public service corporations. Full Attempted
38th Legislature HF573 A.O. Eberhart4/15/1913 A bill for an act to regulate telephone Companies and to place them under the control and jurisdiction of the Railroad and Warehouse Commission. Full Attempted
34th Legislature 102 SF4 John Johnson3/27/1905 A bill for an act to provide for the care, operation and maintenance of the new capitol and to appropriate money therefor. Full Overridden
24th Legislature HF470 Lucius Hubbard3/2/1885 An act defining the boundaries of the school districts of the County of Hennepin, State of Minnesota. Full Attempted