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Secretary of State Documents - 1900-1990

The Office of the Secretary of State is the repository for many of the official records of the state of Minnesota. Older, print-only official documents from the early 1900s to 1990, along with index cards used to retrieve them, have been secure in cabinets and boxes at the Office, but now they are available to anyone online. The Legislative Reference Library and the Office of the Secretary of State, through a grant from the Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund administered by the Minnesota Historical Society, have digitized several sets of official documents and the index card files used to find them, providing access to this rich resource of official state information. (See a description of the 17 types of documents.)


Search the index cards to provide access to the official documents by number. The first line of each 4 by 6 inch card serves as the primary index; it lists a name, a political subdivision or agency or private company, or the subject. The full text of the card is searchable (but not the text of the full document). Each index card contains the name of the item(s) being filed, the date of filing, and the document number. The document number is important to finding the corresponding document.

Search all the index cards or a subset. There are 17 separate types of official documents, including executive orders, oaths, proclamations, and others. If you would like to browse a set of index cards, leave the search box empty and choose a card group.

The results display the relevant card(s) and allows you to search for the official document by number. View the full index card, and if the document was filmed, enter the document number to display the full text.

This is a joint project of the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State and the Legislative Reference Library.  The project is made possible by the Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund through the vote of Minnesotans on Nov. 4, 2008. Administered by the Minnesota Historical Society.

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