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Holdings: 4 years

Expected DateReceived DateIssue YearIssue Months Or SeasonIssue DayVolumeIssueIssue NumberCopy NumberIssue Notes
6/17/20226/17/20222022Summer    1 
5/6/20225/6/20222022Spring    1 
1/13/20221/13/20222022Winter    1Online only
11/10/202111/12/20212021Fall    1Online only
7/30/20217/30/20212021Summer    1Online only
5/7/20215/7/20212021Late Spring    1Online only
3/19/20213/19/20212021Spring    1Online only
1/8/20211/8/20212021Winter    1Online only
10/30/202010/30/20202020Fall    1Online only
8/6/20208/7/20202020August    1Online Only
6/5/20206/5/20202020June    1Online Only
4/10/20204/10/20202020April    1Online Only
2/28/20202/28/20202020February    1 
11/22/201911/22/20192019November    1 
8/16/20198/16/20192019August    1 
6/6/20196/6/20192019May    1 
3/1/20193/1/20192019February    1 
11/20/201811/20/20182018November    1 
9/6/20189/6/20182018September    1 
6/22/20186/22/20182018June    1 
2/26/20182/26/20182018February    1 

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