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Journal of Insurance Regulation

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Holdings: 4 years

Expected DateReceived DateIssue YearIssue Months Or SeasonIssue DayVolumeIssueIssue NumberCopy NumberIssue Notes
1/6/20221/6/20222021  40 81Online only AI-Enabled Underwriting Brings New Challenges for Life Insurance: Policy and Regulatory Considerations
10/15/202110/15/20212021  40 71Online only Gender X and Auto Insurance: Is Gender Rating Unfairly Discriminatory?
9/15/202110/15/20212021  40 61Online only Citizens and the Florida Residential Property Market: How to Return to an Insurer of Last Resort
9/1/202110/22/20212021  40 51Online only The Changing of the Guard (LIBOR to SOFR) and How Both Insurers and Regulators are Responding
8/5/20218/6/20212021  40 41Online only Insurance for Social Media Liability
7/16/20217/16/20212021  40 31Online only Insurance Regulation in Europe: An Analysis of Effectiveness and Efficiency
5/28/20215/28/20212021  40 21Online only The COVID-19 Pandemic and Health Insurance Regulation
4/28/20215/28/20212021  40 11Online only Do Health Insurers Manage Their Medical Loss Ratios? At What Cost?
4/16/20214/16/20212020Abstracts 39  1Online only Abstracts of Significant Cases Bearing on the Regulation of Insurance 2020
3/5/20213/5/20212020  39 121Online only Expanding Paid Sick Leave Programs in the Wake of COVID-19
12/20/20201/20/20212020  39 111Online only The Earthquake Insurance Protection Gap: A Tale of Two Countries
12/17/202012/17/20202020  39 101Online only Modern Regulatory Frameworks for the Use of Genetic and Epigenetic Underwriting Technology in Life Insurance
12/15/20201/8/20212020  39 91Online only The Impact of Selected Issues Resulting from COVID-19 on Agents and Lessons for the Future October 10, 2020
12/10/202012/17/20202020  39 81Online only "Are We Doing Enough": An Evaluation of the Utilization of Employee Assistance Programs to Support the Mental Health Needs of Employees During the COVID-19 Pandemic
9/11/20209/11/20202020  39 71Online Only Feasibility Questions About Government-Sponsored Insurance for Business Interruption Losses from Pandemics
9/4/20209/4/20202020  39 61Online Only Guaranteed Renewability in Health Insurance: Taking into Account Changes in Risk Status and the Cost of Dying
8/13/20208/14/20202020  39 51Online Only Business Interruption Insurance and COVID-19: Coverage and Issues and Public Policy Implications
8/12/20208/14/20202020  39 41Online Only Risk-Based Pricing of Property and Liability Insurance
7/10/20207/10/20202020  39 31Online Only Consent to Rate Laws: A Case Study of the North Carolina Homeowners Insurance Marketplace
5/1/20205/1/20202020  39 21Online Only Licensing and Reporting in the U.S. Pet Insurance Market
4/7/20208/7/20202020  39 11Online Only Social Media as a Factor in Personal Injury Underwriting: Risk, Rate and Regulation
12/31/201912/19/20192019  38  1All 2019 articles bundled in a single PDF file.
12/26/20193/6/20202019Abatracts 38  1Abstracts of Significant Cases Bearing on the Regulation of Insurance 2019
12/25/20191/17/20202019  38 101Too close for comfort
12/20/20191/17/20202019  38 91Prescription drug insurance plans
12/15/20191/17/20202019  38 81Social media liability exposures
12/13/201912/13/20192019  38 71Cost trends and affordability of automobile insurance in the U.S.
12/1/201912/13/20192019  38 61Challenges for the insurance industry in the future
10/4/201910/4/20192019  38 51Genetic Testing in Underwriting: Implications for Life Insurance Markets
8/2/20198/2/20192019  38 41When Insurers Have Discretion: Lessons for Regulators from UK Insurers' Response to the Global Financial Crisis
7/12/20197/12/20192019  38 31The Impact of Motor Vehicle Simulator Training on Law Enforcement Officer Driving Behavior
6/28/20196/28/20192019  38 21Director networks and credit ratings of insurance companies
6/21/20196/28/20192019  38 11The differential effects of medical loss ratio regulation on the individual health insurance market
6/14/20196/14/20192018  37  1All 2018 articles bundled in a single PDF file.
4/12/20194/12/20192018  37 91New Evidence on an Old Unanswered Question: The Decision to Purchase Credit Insurance and Other Debt Protection Products
2/8/20192/8/20192018  37 81The Excess-of-Loss Reinsurances Benefits for Small Insurers
1/25/20191/25/20192018  37 71Individual Market Underwriting Profitability in Health Insurance
1/22/20191/30/20192018  37 61The Impact of Medicaid Expansion, Diversity and the ACA Primary Care Fee Bump on the Performance of Medicaid Managed Care
1/18/20191/30/20192018  37 51Regulation and Surplus Lines Activity
1/11/20191/11/20192018  37 41Analyzing the impact of time horizon, volatility and profit margins on solvency capital
12/14/201812/14/20182018  37 31The Florida insurance market: An analysis of vulnerabilities to future hurricane losses
11/16/201811/16/20182018  37 21Characteristics of S&P 500 companies with captive insurance subsidiaries
9/7/20189/7/20182018  37 11CDS Spreads, Systemic Risk and Global Systemically Important Insurers Designation
5/5/201810/5/20182017  36  1All 2017 articles bundled in a single PDF file.
4/30/20184/30/20182017  36 101Denied and Resisted Life Insurance Claims: Recommended Changes to Schedule F
4/25/20188/31/20182017  36 91State-Based Retirement Plans: Why or Why Not?
4/23/20184/23/20182017  36 81The (mis)alignment of health insurers' efficiency measures from different perspectives and their (in)linkage with financial ratios and asset allocation
3/17/20185/17/20182017  36 71Time to dust off the anti-rebate laws
2/28/20184/30/20182018  36 61The Growth of Subrogation and the Future of Personal Injury Litigation

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