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Monthly Labor Review

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Expected DateReceived DateIssue YearIssue Months Or SeasonIssue DayVolumeIssueIssue NumberCopy NumberIssue Notes
6/24/20226/24/20222022June   51The legalities of the uniquely American employee benefits system
6/23/20226/23/20222022June   41Were wages converging during the 2010s expansion?
6/22/20226/22/20222022June   31Noncompete agreements, bargaining, and wages: evidence from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1997
6/15/20226/15/20222022June   21Job openings and quits reach record highs in 2021, layoffs and discharges fall to record lows
6/9/20226/9/20222022June   11U.S. labor market shows improvement in 2021, but the COVID-19 pandemic continues to weigh on the economy
5/27/20225/27/20222022May   61Employment recovery continues in 2021, with some industries reaching or exceeding their prepandemic employment levels
5/25/20225/25/20222022May   51The challenges of seasonal adjustment for the Current Employment Statistics survey during the COVID-19 pandemic
5/18/20225/18/20222022May   41Do pricier hospitals lead to better care?
5/12/20225/12/20222022May   31Workers are less likely to work as much following the COVID-19 pandemic
5/11/20225/11/20222022May   21Comparing the euro area and U.S. labor market recoveries during COVID-19
5/4/20225/4/20222022May   11PPI and CPI seasonal adjustment during the COVID-19 pandemic
4/28/20224/28/20222022April   51The impact of changing consumer expenditure patterns at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic on measures of consumer inflation
4/22/20224/22/20222022April   41CPI outlet samples from the CE: a new life for the Point-of-Purchase Survey
4/14/20224/14/20222022April   31Book review: Economic globalization and the precarity of work
4/2/20224/13/20222022April   21Workplace flexibilities and international wage dynamics
4/1/20224/6/20222022April   11Racial discrimination and housing outcomes in the U.S. rental market
3/5/20224/1/20222022March   51Revisions to BLS quarterly labor productivity estimates: How large are they?
3/4/20223/25/20222022March   41Diffusion indexes of state and metropolitan area employment changes
3/3/20223/25/20222022March   31Using data on rising rents to predict future inflation
3/2/20223/18/20222022March   21Telework during the COVID-19 pandemic: estimates using the 2021 Business Response Survey
3/1/20223/18/20222022March   11The artificial intelligence storm is upon us: are we ready?
2/6/20222/25/20222022February   61Online only Can bad air alerts help the public?
2/5/20222/16/20222022February   51Online only Challenges in calculating occupational fatality rates
2/4/20222/11/20222022February   41Online only Does part-time work offer flexibility to employed mothers?
2/3/20222/9/20222022February   31Online only Expected pandemic-driven employment changes: a comparison of 2019-29 and 2020-30 projection sets
2/2/20222/9/20222022February   21Online only Inflation does not repeat itself, but it often rhymes
2/1/20222/3/20222022February   11Online only Development across borders: economics and public policy in the Americas
1/9/20221/27/20222022January   91Online only SNAP participation and food-at-home expenditures through the Great Recession: United States and the New York Area
1/8/20221/27/20222022January   81Online only Time use of millennials and Generation X: differences across time
1/7/20221/21/20222022January   71Online only Could motherhood be the reason for the underrepresentation of women in science?
1/6/20221/21/20222022January   61Online only Western manufacturing employment: trends and peaks over 30 years
1/5/20221/21/20222022January   51Online only Will the COVID-19 pandemic reduce potential output?
1/4/20221/13/20222022January   41Online only Inequality in the United States and abroad: sources and paths forward
1/3/20221/13/20222022January   31Online only Examining employment and diversity in the protective service occupations
1/2/20221/13/20222022January   21Online only The U.S. CARES Act and household resilience
1/1/20221/13/20222022January   11Online only Predicting unemployment and recessions using overall sentiment of the economy
12/30/202112/30/20212021December   31Online only "Chain drift" in the Chained Consumer Price Index: 1999-2017
12/17/202112/17/20212021December   21Online only Business employment dynamics by wage class
12/11/202112/17/20212021December   11Online only The valuation effects of antitrust legislation
11/5/202111/24/20212021November   51Online only Assessing Consumer Expenditure Surveys data quality through the lens of data use
11/4/202111/24/20212021November   41Online only Why do labor standards in global supply chains fail to improve?
11/3/202111/24/20212021November   31Online only COVID-19 causes a spike in spending on durable goods
11/2/202111/19/20212021November   21Online only Alternative measurements of Indian Country: understanding their implications for economic, statistical, and policy analysis
11/1/202111/12/20212021November   11Online only Exploring Midwest manufacturing employment from 1990 to 2019
10/6/202111/5/20212021October   61Online only Can STARs shine without a college degree?
10/5/202110/29/20212021October   51Online only Employment in rail transportation heads downhill between November 2018 and December 2020
10/4/202110/29/20212021October   41Online only When Big Brother gets smart
10/3/202110/22/20212021October   31Online only The effects of unemployment insurance benefits on U.S. employment
10/2/202110/15/20212021October   21Online only To improve pandemic work outcomes for parents, ask when, not where
10/1/202110/15/20212021October   11Online only Projections overview and highlights, 2020-30
9/6/202110/1/20212021September   61Online only Applying for and receiving unemployment insurance benefits during the coronavirus pandemic
9/5/202110/1/20212021September   51Online only The dangers of ideology and the virtues of pragmatism
9/4/202110/1/20212021September   41Online only The COVID-19 small business boom: startups surge during pandemic
9/3/20219/17/20212021September   31Online only Am I getting the best price?
9/2/20219/17/20212021September   21Online only A $15 minimum wage changes more than just take-home pay
9/1/20219/17/20212021September   11Online only The April CPI data in historical context
8/4/20218/27/20212021August   41Online only When it comes to debt, gray is the way!
8/3/20218/27/20212021August   31Online only Credit markets and federal policy: studying history to guide the future
8/2/20218/20/20212021August   21Online only Mapping Employment Projections and O*NET data: a methodological overview
8/1/20218/13/20212021August   11Online only "There's no crying in baseball"--but there is a lot of data
7/5/20218/6/20212021July   51Online only No child left behind: It's never too late to learn
7/4/20217/30/20212021July   41Online only Nonstandard work schedules in 29 European countries, 2005-15: differences by education, gender, and parental status
7/3/20217/30/20212021July   31Online only Manufacturing employment in the Southeast: examining the last 30 years
7/2/20217/30/20212021July   21Online only Teleworking and lost work during the pandemic: new evidence from the CPS
7/1/20217/16/20212021July   11Online only The economics of race relations in Detroit during the interwar years
6/6/20217/1/20212021June   61Online only Consumer Expenditure Survey Methods Symposium and Microdata Users' Workshop, July 21-24, 2020
6/5/20216/25/20212021June   51Online only The world at an economic inflection point
6/4/20216/25/20212021June   41Online only The commercialization of academic discovery: a look at startup formation
6/3/20216/25/20212021June   31Online only COVID-19 ends longest employment recovery and expansion in CES history, causing unprecedented job losses in 2020
6/2/20216/10/20212021June   21Online only Unemployment rises in 2020, as the country battles the COVID-19 pandemic
6/1/20216/9/20212021June   11Online only As the COVID-19 pandemic affects the nation, hires and turnover reach record highs in 2020
5/22/20215/28/20212021May   21Online only A look at the new job-task information in the National Longitudinal Surveys of Youth
5/11/20215/21/20212021May   11Online only Clashing economic interests, past and present: a comprehensive account of American trade policy
4/10/20214/30/20212021April   101Online only Estimating state and local employment in recent disasters--from Hurricane Harvey to the COVID-19 pandemic
4/9/20214/30/20212021April   91Online only Employee access to sick leave before and during the COVID-19 pandemic
4/8/20214/30/20212021April   81Online only Immigration and innovation
4/7/20214/23/20212021April   71Online only Why has the employment-population ratio declined in the United States?
4/6/20214/16/20212021April   61Online only Consumer inflation during the COVID-19 pandemic
4/5/20214/9/20212021April   51Online only How does the labor market for parents change during the COVID-19 pandemic?
4/4/20214/9/20212021April   41Online only Has COVID-19 affected mothers' labor market outcomes?
4/3/20214/9/20212021April   31Online only Are temporary layoffs becoming permanent during COVID-19?
4/2/20214/9/20212021April   21Online only Measuring industry employment, 1990-2018: a look at the auxiliary-unit concept
4/1/20214/9/20212021April   11Online only To work from home or not to work from home? That is the question
3/13/20214/1/20212021March   31Online only Patterns of caregiving and work: evidence from two surveys
3/12/20214/1/20212021March   21Online only A 30-year analysis of Northeast manufacturing employment trends
3/11/20214/1/20212021March   11Online only Better business incentives for better prosperity
2/8/20212/19/20212021February   81Online only Lockdowns and innovation: evidence from the 1918 influenza pandemic
2/7/20212/19/20212021February   71Online only Employment projections in a pandemic environment
2/6/20212/19/20212021February   61Online only Finding the meaning and the music in your work
2/5/20212/11/20212021February   51Online only A framework for the evaluation and use of alternative data in the Consumer Expenditure Surveys
2/4/20212/11/20212021February   41Online only Work has transformed in the United States . . . just not how you think it has
2/3/20212/11/20212021February   31Online only An exodus in the labor force--but to where?
2/2/20212/11/20212021February   21Online only What happened to temps? Changes since the Great Recession
2/1/20212/5/20212021February   11Online only COVID-19: What's better for our economy, more frequent testing at home or more accurate testing at the doctor's office?
1/1/20211/15/20212021January   11Online only What attributes characterize a successful corporate wellness program?
12/4/20201/4/20212020December   41Online only Employment recovery in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic
12/3/202012/17/20202020December   31Online only Changes in consumer behaviors and financial well-being during the coronavirus pandemic: results from the U.S. Household Pulse Survey
12/2/202012/11/20202020December   21Online only Male prime-age nonworkers: evidence from the NLSY97
12/1/202012/11/20202020December   11Online only The reputational costs of business pricing decisions
11/4/202012/4/20202020November   11Online only An interdisciplinary approach to advancing public policy
10/4/202011/6/20202020October   41Online only From the barrel to the pump: the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on prices for petroleum products
10/3/202011/6/20202020October   31Online only What can search frictions tell us about the labor market?
10/2/202011/6/20202020October   21Online only How have lost market hours from the partial economic shutdown affected Americans?
10/1/202010/23/20202020October   11Online only Employment changes by employer size during the COVID-19 pandemic: a look at the Current Employment Statistics survey microdata
9/9/202010/2/20202020September   91Online only A new BLS satellite series of net inputs to industry price indexes: methodology and uses
9/8/20209/25/20202020September   81Online Only Projections overview and highlights, 2019-29
9/7/20209/25/20202020September   71Online Only Assessing multidimensional worker skill levels and their allocation in the U.S. labor market
9/6/20209/25/20202020September   61Online Only An introduction to behavioral economics: using psychology to explain economic behavior
9/5/20209/25/20202020September   51Online Only How did the 2005 hurricanes affect individuals' long-term earnings?
9/4/20209/11/20202020September   41Online Only Exploring changes in real average hourly earnings, June 2009 to December 2019
9/3/20209/11/20202020September   31Online Only COVID-19, educational attainment, and the impact on American workers
9/2/20209/11/20202020September   21Online Only Comparing characteristics and selected expenditures of dual- and single-income households with children
9/1/20209/11/20202020September   11Online Only COVID-19 recession is tougher on women
8/5/20209/11/20202020August   51Online Only Baking a bigger pie and eating it, too: the false tradeoff between innovation and equality
8/4/20208/14/20202020August   41Online Only What to do about our aging workforce--the employers' response
8/3/20208/14/20202020August   31Online Only The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on food price indexes and data collection
8/2/20208/14/20202020August   21Online Only Geographic impact of COVID-19 in BLS surveys by industry
8/1/20208/14/20202020August   11Online Only Working women and the early COVID-19 shutdowns
7/31/20208/7/20202020July   61Online Only Measuring the substitution effect in Producer Price Index goods data: 2002-16
7/30/20208/7/20202020July   51Online Only The consistency of economic recoveries over the 1949-2019 period
7/24/20207/31/20202020July   41Online Only The consistency of economic recoveries over the 1949-2019 period
7/23/20207/24/20202020July   31Online Only Advanced degree pay premium
7/2/20207/24/20202020July   21Online Only Closing the gender data gap to create equality
7/1/20207/2/20202020July   11Online Only Examining industry composition effects in state employment
6/5/20207/2/20202020June   51Online Only The number of people who can telework is higher than was estimated
6/4/20207/2/20202020June   41Online Only Job openings, hires, and quits set record highs in 2019
6/3/20206/26/20202020June   31Online Only Ability to work from home: evidence from two surveys and implications for the labor market in the COVID-19 pandemic
6/2/20206/19/20202020June   21Online Only Income "Crow"?
6/1/20206/12/20202020June   11Online Only Demographics, earnings, and family characteristics of workers in sectors initially affected by COVID-19 shutdowns
5/5/20206/5/20202020May   51Online Only The Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses Respondent Follow-Up Survey
5/4/20206/5/20202020May   41Online Only Producer price inflation slows in 2019, as price increases for both services and goods decelerate from a year earlier
5/3/20205/15/20202020May   31Online Only Manufacturing violence at the border
5/2/20205/15/20202020May   21Online Only Retirement expectations: whether to retire now or later
5/1/20205/15/20202020May   11Online Only Spillover effects in welfare program participation
4/6/20205/1/20202020April   61Online Only Job market remains tight in 2019, as the unemployment rate falls to its lowest level since 1969
4/5/20205/1/20202020April   51Online Only Employment expansion continued in 2019, but growth slowed in several industries
4/4/20204/17/20202020April   41Online Only How many workers are employed in sectors directly affected by COVID-19 shutdowns, where do they work, and how much do they earn?
4/3/20204/17/20202020April   31Online Only Consumer Expenditure Survey Methods Symposium and Microdata Users' Workshop, July 16-19, 2019
4/2/20204/10/20202020April   21Online Only The cost of layoffs in Unemployment Insurance taxes
4/1/20204/3/20202020April   11Online Only How would the greatest economic minds solve current problems with economic growth?
3/9/20203/27/20202020March   91Online Only The college payoff: a look at income and wealth premiums
3/8/20203/27/20202020March   81Online Only The effect of weather on the monthly jobs report
3/7/20203/23/20202020March   71Online Only Employment barriers within low- and moderate- income communities
3/6/20203/23/20202020March   61Online Only Will global warming "chill" the U.S. economy?
3/5/20203/13/20202020March   51If you schmooze, you don't lose ... But only if you're a man
3/4/20203/13/20202020March   41Older workers and nontraditional jobs
3/3/20203/6/20202020March   31Balancing work and family life
3/2/20203/6/20202020March   21Estimating variances for modeled wage estimates
3/1/20203/6/20202020March   11Combining data to improve import and export price indexes
2/3/20203/6/20202020February   31I'll be back ... for your job
2/2/20202/21/20202020February   21Would a Medicare-for-all system lower healthcare costs in the United States?
2/1/20202/17/20202020February   11Economic development and growth in Latin American and Caribbean countries
1/6/20202/7/20202020January   61Occupational employment and wage differences across cohorts of establishments
1/5/20202/7/20202020January   51Preferential treatment for admission to Harvard
1/4/20201/31/20202020January   41Fatal occupational injuries to older workers
1/3/20201/24/20202020January   31Could changing hiring practices help more women climb the corporate ladder?
1/2/20201/17/20202020January   21American identity through the lens of economic success
1/1/20201/10/20202020January   11School start times, academic achievement, and time use
12/4/20191/3/20202019December   4170 years of the Occupational Outlook Handbook
12/3/201912/13/20192019December   31The relative weakness in earnings of production workers in manufacturing, 1990-2018
12/2/201912/13/20192019December   21The American working class and the unfulfilled promise of policy-driven growth
12/1/201912/6/20192019December   11Inflation expectations and inflation realities
11/6/201912/6/20192019November   61Producer prices in the legal services industry after the Great Recession
11/5/201912/2/20192019November   51Do performance-based payment schemes make you work longer and harder?
11/4/201912/2/20192019November   41American Indian and Alaska Natives in the U.S. labor force
11/3/201911/22/20192019November   31Why lifetime earnings vary across different occupation categories
11/2/201911/14/20192019November   21The Great Recession: in what ways did policymakers succeed and fail?
11/1/201911/8/20192019November   11Coworking couples and the similar jobs of dual-earner households
10/5/201911/1/20192019October   51Climate change expected to damage world economies over the next century
10/4/201910/25/20192019October   41If you like it (retirement security), put a ring on it
10/3/201910/18/20192019October   31Time use of millennials and nonmillenials
10/2/201910/4/20192019October   21What would a comprehensive reform of the unemployment insurance program look like?
10/1/201910/4/20192019October   11Projections overview and highlights, 2018-28
9/2/20199/12/20192019September   21Intrasectoral transactions: the most important productivity statistic you've never heard of
9/1/20199/12/20192019September   11Economic growth through the lens of changing patterns of specialization and trade
8/13/20199/12/20192019August   131Former smokers earn more
8/12/20199/12/20192019August   121What's "like" got to do with it?
8/11/20199/12/20192019August   111Is a college degree still worth it?
8/10/20199/12/20192019August   101The growth of income inequality in the United States
8/9/20199/12/20192019August   91Is involuntary part-time work here to stay?
8/8/20199/12/20192019August   81Growing up in high-poverty areas can affect your employment
8/7/20199/12/20192019August   71My coworkers are making me sick
8/6/20199/12/20192019August   61"superstar" companies to blame for workers' falling share of income
8/5/20199/12/20192019August   51Ten years later - the financial crisis cost every American $70,000 in lifetime income
8/4/20199/12/20192019August   41Want more workers? Improve parental leave policies
8/3/20198/30/20192019August   31Model-based estimates for the Occupational Employment Statistics program
8/2/20198/23/20192019August   21Changes in the U.S. occupational mix from 1860 to 2015
8/1/20198/23/20192019August   11Inequality and metropolitan areas
7/7/20198/2/20192019July   71Job openings, hires, and quits reach historic highs in 2018
7/6/20198/2/20192019July   61More entrants or fewer leavers? A look at rising labor force participation
7/5/20198/2/20192019July   51Why are older people working longer?
7/4/20197/26/20192019July   41Reduced sample rotation frequency in hospitals and household utilities
7/3/20197/19/20192019July   31Where did workers perform their jobs in the early 21st century?
7/2/20197/12/20192019July   21Women bullied in the workplace
7/1/20197/12/20192019July   11Are U.S. scientists and engineers in short supply? Telling myth from reality.
6/9/20197/5/20192019June   91Professional certifications and occupational licenses: evidence from the Current Population Survey
6/8/20196/28/20192019June   81No bachelor's degree? No problem
6/7/20196/21/20192019June   71Not fun for young and old alike: how the youngest and oldest consumers have fared in recession and recovery
6/6/20196/14/20192019June   61What's behind occupational separations?
6/5/20196/14/20192019June   51To cut or not to cut?
6/4/20196/14/20192019June   41Demographic shifts: are millennials trending away from buying and using cars?
6/3/20196/14/20192019June   31When one door opens: the housing boom and monetary pollicy
6/2/20196/7/20192019June   21The experts' dilemma: technocratic solutions versus securing the rights of the poor
6/1/20196/7/20192019June   11BLS publishes experimental state-level labor productivity measures
5/5/20195/24/20192019May   51Tight labor market continues in 2018 as the unemployment rate falls to a 49-year low
5/4/20195/24/20192019May   41Consumer expenditure survey methods symposium and microdata users' workshop, July 17-20, 2018
5/3/20195/17/20192019May   31Employment growth accelerates in 2018, extending a lengthy expansion
5/2/20195/9/20192019May   21An analysis of the new job openings and labor turnover data by size of firm
5/1/20195/9/20192019May   11Direct job creation in the United States: learning from the past
4/24/20194/26/20192019April   41Business turnover in urban areas: size matters
4/3/20194/12/20192019April   31Recent trends in employment and wages in New York City's finance and insurance sector
4/2/20194/12/20192019April   21Opting out of isolated studies on mothers in the labor force
4/1/20194/12/20192019April   11Producer prices mixed in 2018, energy prices retreat from 2017 highs
3/24/20193/22/20192019March   41Want more workers? Improve parental leave policies
3/3/20193/15/20192019March   31Can employers sustain profitability while employees delay their retirement?
3/2/20193/15/20192019March   21Does increased opioid use lead to declines in labor market participation?
3/1/20193/8/20192019March   11Is the U.S. labor market for truck drivers broken?
2/5/20193/8/20192019February   51The kids are alright: millennials and the economy
2/4/20192/15/20192019February   41Collecting union status for the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries: a Massachusetts case study
2/3/20192/8/20192019February   31State institutions and economic prosperity
2/2/20192/8/20192019February   21Balancing college and kids: estimating time allocation differences for college students with and without children
2/1/20192/8/20192019February   11Should the Phillips curve consider new variables in this economy?
1/6/20192/8/20192019January   61Understanding slavery through cliometrics
1/5/20191/25/20192019January   51Adjusted for demographics, U.S. labor market not overly tight
1/4/20191/25/20192019January   41Racial and ethnic disparities in access to and use of paid family and medical leave: evidence from four nationally representative datasets
1/3/20191/11/20192019January   31Declining labor turnover in the Unites States: evidence and implications from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics
1/2/20191/11/20192019January   21Patching holes in production ecosystems
1/1/20191/11/20192019January   11Can unions significantly reduce wage inequality? Depends on whether you're in the public or private sector
12/5/20181/4/20192018December   51A new approach for quality-adjusting PPI microprocessors
12/4/201812/14/20182018December   41Is publication in the T5 synonymous with career success for academic economists?
12/3/201812/14/20182018December   31Leaving a job during the Great Recession: evidence from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1979
12/2/201812/7/20182018December   21Doing away with tax havens - good or bad?
12/1/201812/7/20182018December   11Economic policy and national wealth
11/6/201811/30/20182018November   61Occupational injuries and illnesses among registered nurses
11/5/201811/30/20182018November   51It doesn't pay (as much) to enter the labor market during a recession
11/4/201811/21/20182018November   41A letter that transforms: a look at the Pell Letter initiative
11/3/201811/16/20182018November   31Measuring labor market activity today: are the words work and job too limiting for surveys?
11/2/201811/16/20182018November   21Working off the beaten path: men in traditionally female jobs
11/1/201811/9/20182018November   11A feminist choice: longitudinal work-family decisions into the new millennium
10/5/201811/5/20182018October   51Ten years later - the financial crisis cost every American $70,000 in lifetime income
10/4/201810/24/20182018October   41How did employment fare a decade after its 2008 peak?
10/3/201810/5/20182018October   31Job openings reach a new high in 2017, hires and quits also increase
10/2/201810/5/20182018October   21Down and down we go: the falling U.S. labor force participation rate
10/1/201810/5/20182018October   11The second century of workers' compensation programs
9/4/20189/28/20182018September   41Pension reform: the case of Ilinois
9/3/20189/28/20182018September   31Electronically mediated work: new questions in the Contingent Worker Supplement
9/2/20189/7/20182018September   21Why are employer-sponsored health insurance premiums higher in the public sector than in the private sector?
9/1/20189/7/20182018September   11Work sharing: reducing unemployment in good times and bad
8/5/20188/24/20182018August   51Productivity in transit: a new measure of labor productivity for urban transit systems
8/4/20188/24/20182018August   41The fall of employment in the manufacturing sector
8/3/20188/24/20182018August   31What happened to the employers surveyed by the BLS Mass Layoff Statistics Program
8/2/20188/10/20182018August   21Shale gas production and labor market trends in the U.S. Marcellus-Utica region over the last decade
8/1/20188/10/20182018August   11Compromise at work: processes, policies, and outcomes that shape U.S. labor relations
7/6/20188/10/20182018July   61Labor force participation and employment rates declining for prime-age men and women
7/5/20188/10/20182018July   51Examining the market power of on-demand labor platforms in the gig economy
7/4/20187/27/20182018July   41Study measures effect of labor market concentration on wages
7/3/20187/27/20182018July   31Multifactor productivity slowdown in U.S. manufacturing
7/2/20187/13/20182018July   21Are your nest eggs toast? The evolving transition to retirement in Western economics
7/1/20187/13/20182018July   11Aiding the poor with self-employment and small-business ownership
6/7/20186/29/20182018June   71Cross-validation of quality-adjustment methods for price indexes
6/6/20186/29/20182018June   61Proposed steel and aluminum tariffs: U.S. GDP gets a trim
6/5/20186/15/20182018June   51Healthcare jobs and the Great Recession
6/4/20186/12/20182018June   41Opening the gate: disability politics and social responsibility
6/3/20186/12/20182018June   31Producer prices, 2017: inflation accelerates across the sages of production
6/2/20186/12/20182018June   21Can a housing wealth shock stifle the creative output of workers?
6/1/20186/12/20182018June   11Consumer expenditure surveys methods symposium and microdata users' workshop, July 18-21, 2017
5/9/20185/25/20182018May (no.9)    1Older workers - are they aging successfully?
5/8/20185/25/20182018May (no.8)    1Counting strike threats
5/7/20185/25/20182018May (no.7)    1Men's declining labor force participation
5/6/20185/21/20182018May (no.6)    1What is the impact of recoding travel activities in the American Time Use Survey
5/5/20185/21/20182018May (no.5)    1How Airbnb has affected the hotel industry
5/4/20185/14/20182018May (no.4)    1Why is retirement often more costly for married women than for married men?
5/3/20185/14/20182018May (no.3)    1Labor's new challenge - securing the rights of informal workers
5/2/20185/14/20182018May (no.2)    1Employment growth moderates in 2017, continuing a lengthy expansionary period
5/1/20185/7/20182018May (no.1)    1Occupational separations: a new method for projecting workforce needs
4/4/20184/30/20182018April (no.4)    1Job market continued to improve in 2017 as the unemployment rate declined to a 17-year low
4/3/20184/30/20182018April (no.3)    1What's p with low inflation?
4/2/20184/16/20182018April (no.2)    1Why women work: a historical analysis of women in the labor force
4/1/20184/9/20182018April (no.1)    1Great Recession, great recovery? Trends from the Current Population Survey
3/6/20183/26/20182018March (no.6)    1Who chooses part-time work and why?
3/5/20183/26/20182018March (no.5)    1The effects of the rent burden on low income families
3/4/20183/19/20182018March (no.4)    1Comparing NAICS-based Producer Price Index industry net output data and International Price Program import data
3/3/20183/19/20182018March (no.3)    1Federal policies toward eliminating the wealth gap between whites and hispanics
3/2/20183/19/20182018March (no.2)    1Fun facts about Millennials: comparing expenditure patterns from the latest through the Greatest Generation
3/1/20183/19/20182018March (no.1)    1Do foreign-born workers affect Americans' labor market decisions?
2/7/20183/5/20182018February (no.7)    1How your viewpoint impacts your mortgage leverage choice
2/6/20183/5/20182018February (no.6)    1An examination of the Phillips curve using city-level data
2/5/20182/26/20182018February (no.5)    1The effects of occupational licensing on labor market outcomes
2/4/20182/26/20182018February (no.4)    1Improving initial estimates of the Chained Consumer Price Index
2/3/20182/19/20182018February (no.3)    1Labor market effects of offshoring
2/2/20182/19/20182018February (no.2)    1Free prices: the key to a successful economy
2/1/20182/19/20182018February (no.1)    1Workplace hazards facing line installers and repairers
1/8/20182/5/20182018January (no.8)    1The importance of workers who practice mindfulness and meditation
1/7/20182/5/20182018January (no.7)    1Metropolitan and nonmetropolitan labor markets
1/6/20181/29/20182018January (no.6)    1The Current Population Survey - tracking unemployment in the United States for over 75 years
1/5/20181/22/20182018January (no.5)    1How climate change is moving the needle for livestock and agricultural production
1/4/20181/22/20182018January (no.4)    1Crude petroleum prices and retail fuel margins: an empirical examination
1/3/20181/22/20182018January (no.3)    1Can "bigger" be a roadblock?
1/2/20181/22/20182018January (no.2)    1Program participation and spending patterns of families receiving government means-tested assistance
1/1/20181/16/20182018January (no.1)    1Measuring productivity growth in construction

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