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Issues Received by the LRL

Legislative Bulletin

Expected DateReceived DateIssue YearIssue Months Or SeasonIssue DayVolumeIssueIssue NumberCopy NumberIssue Notes
7/7/20237/7/20232023Cannabis Bill Legislative Bulletin    1 
7/7/20237/7/20232023Conformity Bill Legislative Bulletin    1 
7/7/20237/7/20232023Data Practices Legislative Bulletin    1 
7/7/20237/7/20232023Fire and Police State Aids Legislative Bulletin    1 
7/7/20237/7/20232023Income and Corporate Franchise Tax Legislative Bulletin    1 
7/7/20237/7/20232023Miscellaneous Taxes Legislative Bulletin    1 
7/7/20237/7/20232023Property Taxes Legislative Bulletin    1 
7/7/20237/7/20232023Special Taxes Legislative Bulletin    1 
7/7/20237/7/20232023Sales and Use Tax Legislative Bulletin    1 
6/20/20223/20/20232022Frontline Worker Payments    1 
6/20/20226/20/20232022Regular Session    1 
6/20/20213/20/20232021Individual Income and Corporate Franchise Tax    1 
6/20/20213/20/20232021Miscellaneous    1 
6/20/20213/20/20232021Property Tax    1 
6/20/20213/20/20232021Sales and Use Tax    1 
6/20/20213/20/20232021Special Taxes    1 
6/20/20203/20/20232020Regular and Special Sessions    1 
6/20/20193/20/20232019Individual Income and Corporate Franchise Tax    1 
6/20/20193/20/20232019Miscellaneous Tax    1 
6/20/20193/20/20232019Property Tax and Local Aid    1 
6/20/20193/20/20232019Recodification of Fire and Police State Aid    1 
6/20/20193/20/20232019Sales and Use Tax    1 
6/20/20193/20/20232019Special Taxes    1 
6/20/20173/20/20232017Corporate Franchise Tax    1 
6/20/20173/20/20232017Federal Update    1 
6/20/20173/20/20232017Sales and User Tax    1 
6/20/20173/20/20232017Estate Tax    1 
6/20/20173/20/20232017Individual Income Tax    1 
6/20/20173/20/20232017Miscellaneous    1 
6/20/20173/20/20232017Property Tax and Local Aids    1 
6/20/20173/20/20232017Special Taxes    1 

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