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Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago - Economic Perspectives

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Holdings: 4 years

Expected DateReceived DateIssue YearIssue Months Or SeasonIssue DayVolumeIssueIssue NumberCopy NumberIssue Notes
2/2/20222/3/20222022    11Online only Quantitative effects of temporary employment contracts in Spain
10/22/202110/22/20212021    21Online only Yield curve control in the United States, 1942 to 1951
3/31/20214/1/20212021    11Online only The global saving glut and the fall in U.S. real interest rates: A 15-year retrospective
12/6/201912/6/20192019  43 31Can broader access to direct CCP clearing reduce the concentration of cleared derivatives?
7/22/20197/22/20192019  43 21The macroeconomic effects of the 2018 Bipartisan Budget Act
3/1/20193/1/20192019  43 11A new "big data" index of U.S. economic activity
9/11/20189/11/20182018    41Bridging between policymakers' and economists' views on bubbles
8/29/20188/29/20182018    31Seasonal and business cycles of U.S. employment
6/18/20186/18/20182018    21A monetarist view of the Fed's balance sheet normalization period
3/16/20183/16/20182018    11Household inequality and the consumption response to aggregate real shocks

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