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Guttmacher Policy Review

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Holdings: 4 years

Expected DateReceived DateIssue YearIssue Months Or SeasonIssue DayVolumeIssueIssue NumberCopy NumberIssue Notes
5/14/20215/14/20212021May 24  1Online only
3/19/20213/19/20212021March 24 21Online only Righting the Course: What Congress and the Biden-Harris Administration Must Do for Abortion Access in the United States
3/12/20213/12/20212021March 24  1Online only What Federal Policymakers Must Do to Restore and Strengthen a Title X Family Planning Program That Serves All
2/26/20212/26/20212021February 24 31Online only A Time for Change: Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in a New Global Era
2/11/20212/11/20212021February 24 21Online only Adolescents Deserve Better: What the Biden-Harris Administration and Congress Can Do to Bolster Young People's Sexual and Reproductive Health
2/4/20212/5/20212021February 24 11Online only A Fragmented System: Ensuring Comprehensive Contraceptive Coverage in All U.S. Health Insurance Plans
5/1/20205/1/20202020April 23 21Online Only Conservatives Are Using the Intersection of Immigration, Health Care and Reproductive Rights Policy to Undermine Them All
4/24/20205/1/20202020April 23 11Online Only The Unprecedented Expansion of the Global Gag Rule: Trampling Rights, Health and Free Speech
4/3/20204/3/20202020March 23  1Reducing STI Cases: Young People Deserve Better Sexual Health Information and Services
1/10/20201/10/20202020January 23  1Gestational age bans: Harmful at any stage of pregnancy
12/19/201912/19/20192019December 22  1Proposed Medicaid block grants and spending caps threaten enrollees' sexual and reproductive health and rights
10/11/201910/11/20192019October 22  1Trump administration rules prioritize refusal of care and conservative ideology over protecting patients against discrimination
9/19/20199/19/20192019September 22  1The U.S. abortion rate continues to drop: once again, state abortion restrictions are not the main driver
7/19/20197/19/20192019July 22  1Shoring up reproductive autonomy: Title X's foundational role
6/14/20196/14/20192019June 22  1Promiscuity propaganda: Access to information and services does not lead to increases in sexual activity
5/17/20195/17/20192019May 22  1 
3/1/20193/1/20192019February 22 21Principles for reform: New U.S. health care proposals cannot overlook sexual and reproductive health
2/1/20193/1/20192019February 22 11More to be done: Individuals' needs for sexual and reproductive health coverage and care
1/11/20191/11/20192019January 22  1Ensuring access to abortion at the state level: selected examples and lessons
12/21/201812/21/20182018December 21  1What Congress can do to restore U.S. leadership on global sexual and reproductive health and rights
11/16/201811/16/20182018November 21  1Ensuring adolescents' ability to obtain confidential family planning services in Title X
11/5/201811/5/20182018October 21  1Self-managed medication abortion: Expanding the available options for U.S. abortion care
9/28/20189/28/20182018September 21  1A time to lead: A roadmap for progress on sexual and reproductive health and rights worldwide
6/12/20186/12/20182018June 21  1Restrictions on private insurance coverage of abortion: a danger to abortion access and better health coverage
5/21/20185/21/20182018May 21  1In bad faith: How conservatives are weaponizing "religious liberty" to allow institutions to discriminate
3/26/20183/26/20182018March 21  1The roadmap to safe abortion worldwide: Lessons from mew global trends on incidence, legality and safety
3/5/20183/5/20182018February 21  1New name, same harm: Rebranding of federal abstinence-only programs
2/12/20182/12/20182018February 21  1Coercion is at the heart of social conservatives' reproductive health agenda
1/16/20181/16/20182018January 21  1Unbiased information on and referral for all pregnancy options are essential to informed consent in reproductive health care

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