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Length of Service - Current House Members

Compiled by the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library

Service is counted in number of days, not in years, sessions, or terms. Counting days in office accounts for partial terms of current legislators as they serve in the Legislature. Former members may also have partial terms due to special elections, resignation, or death.

Representative Lyndon Carlson became both the longest-serving legislator and the longest serving member of the Minnesota House of Representatives on January 3, 2017. 

His term of service is followed by Representative Mary Murphy who is the longest serving female legislator. Three legislators are tied for third-longest-serving legislators. Representative Phyllis Kahn is tied in length of service with two legislators who served in both bodies: Anton J. Rockne and Carl Iverson. (Anton J. Rockne has the longest Senate tenure.) 

Donald Wright's length of service would be tied with Iverson, Kahn, and Rockne's if his four-month service as Lieutenant Governor in late 1954 is counted as legislative service.

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Current House Members - 134 Records
NameService InformationDays of Service in House (sorted descending)Total Service Days
Murphy, Mary Catherine House 1977-82 (District 14B); House 1983-2002 (District 8A): House 2003-2012 (District 6B); House 2013-Present (District 3B) 16581 16581
Pelowski, Jr., Gene P. House 1987-92 (District 34B); House 1993-2002 (District 32A); House 2003-2012 (District 31A); House 2013-Present (District 28A) 12927 12927
Hausman, Alice House 1989-92 (District 63B); House 1993-2012 (District 66B); House 2013-Present (District 66A) 11876 11876
Mariani, Carlos House 1991-2012 (District 65B); House 2013-Present (District 65B) 11464 11464
Davids, Gregory M. House 1991-92 (District 32B); House 1993-2006 (District 31B); House 2009-2012 (District 31B); House 2013-Present (District 28B) 10689 10689
Erickson, Sondra House 1998-2002 (District 17A); House 2003-2008 (District 16A); House 2011-2012 (District 16A); House 2013-Present (District 15A) 8167 8167
Davnie, Jim House 2001-2012 (District 62A); House 2013-Present (District 63A) 7816 7816
Marquart, Paul House 2001-2012 (District 9B); House 2013-Present (District 4B) 7816 7816
Hornstein, Frank House 2003-2012 (District 60B); House 2013-Present (District 61A) 7082 7082
Nelson, Michael V. House 2003-2012 (District 46A); House 2013-Present (District 40A) 7082 7082
Urdahl, Dean House 2003-2012 (District 18B); House 2013-Present (District 18A) 7082 7082
Garofalo, Patrick House 2005-2012 (District 36B); House 2013-Present (District 58B) 6354 6354
Hamilton, Rod House 2005-2012 (District 22B); House 2013-Present (District 22B) 6354 6354
Hansen, Rick House 2005-2012 (District 39A); House 2013-Present (District 52A) 6354 6354
Hortman, Melissa House 2005-2012 (District 47B); House 2013-Present (District 36B) 6354 6354
Liebling, Tina House 2005-2012 (District 30A); House 2013-Present (District 26A) 6354 6354
Lillie, Leon M. House 2005-2012 (District 55A); House 2013-Present (District 43B) 6354 6354
Dettmer, Bob House 2007-2012 (District 52A); House 2013-Present (District 39A) 5625 5625
Bernardy, Connie House 2001-2002 (District 48B); House 2003-2006 (District 51B); House 2013-Present (District 41A) 5499 5499
Drazkowski, Steve House 2007-2012 (District 28B); House 2013-Present (District 21B) 5400 5400
Anderson, Paul H. House 2009-2012 (District 13A); House 2013-Present (District 12B) 4891 4891
Scott, Peggy House 2009-2012 (District 49A); House 2013-Present (District 35B) 4891 4891
Torkelson, Paul House 2009-2012 (District 21B); House 2013-Present (District 16B) 4891 4891
Masin, Sandra House 2007-2010 (District 38A); House 2013-Present (District 51A) 4890 4890
Winkler, Ryan House 2007-2012 (District 44B); House 2013-2015 (District 46A); House 2019-Present (District 46A) 4339 4339
Daudt, Kurt House 2011-2012 (District 17A); House 2013-Present (District 31A) 4163 4163
Franson, Mary House 2011-2012 (District 11B); House 2013-Present (District 8B) 4163 4163
Gruenhagen, Glenn House 2011-2012 (District 25A); House 2013-Present (District 18B) 4163 4163
Kiel, Debra House 2011-2012 (District 1B); House 2013-Present (District 1B) 4163 4163
McDonald, Joe House 2011-2012 (District 19B); House 2013-Present (District 29A) 4163 4163
Moran, Rena House 2011-2012 (District 65A); House 2013-Present (District 65A) 4163 4163
O'Driscoll, Tim House 2011-2012 (District 14A); House 2013-Present (District 13B) 4163 4163
Quam, II, Duane House 2011-2012 (District 29A); House 2013-Present (District 25A) 4163 4163
Schomacker, Joe House 2011-2012 (District 22A); House 2013-Present (District 22A) 4163 4163
Swedzinski, Chris House 2011-2012 (District 21A); House 2013-Present (District 16A) 4163 4163
Albright, Tony House 2013-Present (District 55B) 3428 3428
Fischer, Peter House 2013-Present (District 43A) 3428 3428
Freiberg, Mike House 2013-Present (District 45B) 3428 3428
Green, Steve House 2013-Present (District 02B) 3428 3428
Hertaus, Jerome Allan House 2013-Present (District 33A) 3428 3428
Johnson, Brian House 2013-Present (District 32A) 3428 3428
Kresha, Ron House 2013-Present (District 09B) 3428 3428
O'Neill, Marion House 2013-Present (District 29B) 3428 3428
Petersburg, John House 2013-Present (District 24A) 3428 3428
Sundin, Mike House 2013-Present (District 11A) 3428 3428
Theis, Tama House 2013-Present (District 14A) 3386 3386
Backer, Jeff House 2015-Present (District 12A) 2700 2700
Baker, Dave House 2015-Present (District 17B) 2700 2700
Bennett, Peggy House 2015-Present (District 27A) 2700 2700
Daniels, Brian House 2015-Present (District 24B) 2700 2700