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134 records matched session search for:
Session = 88th (2013-2014)
Body = House
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Abeler, Jim House 1999-2002 (District 49A); House 2003-2012 (District 48B); House 2013-2014 (District 35A); Senate 2016-2022 (District 35); Senate 2023-Present (District 35)
Albright, Tony House 2013-2022 (District 55B)
Allen, Susan House 2012-2012 (District 61B); House 2013-2018 (District 62B)
Anderson, Mark House 2013-2016 (District 09A)
Anderson, Paul H. House 2009-2012 (District 13A); House 2013-2022 (District 12B); House 2023-Present (District 12A)
Anderson, Sarah House 2007-2012 (District 43A); House 2013-2018 (District 44A)
Anzelc, Thomas - "Tom" House 2007-2012 (District 3A); House 2013-2016 (District 5B)
Atkins, Joseph - "Joe" House 2003-2012 (District 39B); House 2013-2016 (District 52B)
Barrett, Bob House 2011-2012 (District 17B); House 2013-2016 (District 32B)
Beard, Michael - "Mike" House 2003-2012 (District 35A); House 2013-2014 (District 55A)
Benson, John House 2007-2012 (District 43B); House 2013-2014 (District 44B)
Benson, Mike House 2011-2012 (District 30B); House 2013-2014 (District 26B)
Bernardy, Connie House 2001-2002 (District 48B); House 2003-2006 (District 51B); House 2013-2022 (District 41A)
Bly, David House 2007-2010 (District 25B); House 2013-2018 (District 20B)
Brynaert, Kathy House 2007-2012 (District 23B); House 2013-2014 (District 19B)
Carlson, Sr., Lyndon R. House 1973-1982 (District 44A); House 1983-2002 (District 46B); House 2003-2012 (District 45B); House 2013-2020 (District 45A)
Clark, Karen J. House 1981-82 (District 59A); House 1983-92 (District 60A); House 1993-2012 (District 61A); House 2013-2018 (District 62A)
Cornish, Tony House 2003-2012 (District 24B); House 2013-2017 (District 23B)
Daudt, Kurt House 2011-2012 (District 17A); House 2013-2022 (District 31A); House 2023 (District 27B)
Davids, Gregory M. - "Greg" House 1991-92 (District 32B); House 1993-2006 (District 31B); House 2009-2012 (District 31B); House 2013-2022 (District 28B); House 2023-Present (District 26B)
Davnie, Jim House 2001-2012 (District 62A); House 2013-2022 (District 63A)
Dean, Matt House 2005-2012 (District 52B); House 2013-2018 (District 38B)
Dehn, Raymond - "Ray" House 2013-2020 (District 59B)
Dettmer, Bob House 2007-2012 (District 52A); House 2013-2022 (District 39A)
Dill, David House 2003-2012 (District 6A); 2013-2015 (District 3A)
Dorholt, Zachary House 2013-2014 (District 14B)
Drazkowski, Steve - "Draz" House 2007-2012 (District 28B); House 2013-2022 (District 21B); Senate 2023-Present (District 20)
Erhardt, Ron House 1991-92 (District 42B); House 1993-2002 (District 42A); House 2003-2008 (District 41A); House 2013-2016 (District 49A)
Erickson, Roger A. House 2013-2014 (District 02A)
Erickson, Sondra House 1998-2002 (District 17A); House 2003-2008 (District 16A); House 2011-2012 (District 16A); House 2013-2022 (District 15A)
Fabian, Dan House 2011-2012 (District 1A); House 2013-2020 (District 1A)
Falk, Andrew House 2009-2012 (District 20A); House 2013-2014 (District 17A)
Faust, Tim House 2007-2010 (District 8B); House 2013-2014 (District 11B)
Fischer, Peter House 2013-2022 (District 43A); House 2023-Present (District 44A)
FitzSimmons, David House 2013-2014 (District 30B)
Franson, Mary House 2011-2012 (District 11B); House 2013-2022 (District 8B); House 2023-Present (District 12B)
Freiberg, Mike House 2013-2022 (District 45B); House 2023-Present (District 43B)
Fritz, Patti House 2005-2012 (District 26B); House 2013-2014 (District 24B)
Garofalo, Patrick - "Pat" House 2005-2012 (District 36B); House 2013-2022 (District 58B); House 2023-Present (District 58B)
Green, Steve House 2013-2022 (District 02B); Senate 2023-Present (District 02)
Gruenhagen, Glenn House 2011-2012 (District 25A); House 2013-2022 (District 18B); Senate 2023-Present (District 17)
Gunther, Bob House 1995-2002 (District 26A); House 2003-2012 (District 24A); House 2013-2020 (District 23A)
Hackbarth, Tom M. House 1995-96 (District 50A); House 1999-2002 (District 50A); House 2003-2012 (District 48A); House 2013-2016 (District 31B)
Halverson, Laurie House 2013-2020 (District 51B)
Hamilton, Rod House 2005-2012 (District 22B); House 2013-2022 (District 22B)
Hansen, Rick House 2005-2012 (District 39A); House 2013-2022 (District 52A); House 2023-Present (District 53B)
Hausman, Alice House 1989-92 (District 63B); House 1993-2012 (District 66B); House 2013-2022 (District 66A)
Hertaus, Jerome Allan - "Jerry" House 2013-2022 (District 33A)
Hilstrom, Debra House 2001-2002 (District 47B); House 2003-2012 (District 46B); House 2013-2018 (District 40B)
Holberg, Mary Liz House 1999-2002 (District 37B); House 2003-2012 (District 36A); House 2013-2014 (District 58A)
Hoppe, Joe House 2003-2012 (District 34B); House 2013-2018 (District 47B)
Hornstein, Frank House 2003-2012 (District 60B); House 2013-2022 (District 61A); House 2023-Present (District 61A)
Hortman, Melissa House 2005-2012 (District 47B); House 2013-2022 (District 36B); House 2023-Present (District 34B)
Howe, Jeff House 2013-2018 (District 13A); Senate 2018-2022 (District 13); Senate 2023-Present (District 13)
Huntley, Thomas House 1993-2002 (District 6B); House 2003-2012 (District 7A); House 2013-2014 (District 7A)
Isaacson, Jason - "Ike" House 2013-2016 (District 42B); Senate 2017-2022 (District 42)
Johnson, Brian House 2013-2022 (District 32A); House 2023 (District 28A)
Johnson, Clark House 2013-2018 (District 19A)
Johnson, Sheldon House 2001-2012 (District 67B); House 2013-2018 (District 67B)
Kahn, Phyllis L. House 1973-82 (District 57A); House 1983-92 (District 58B); House 1993-2012 (District 59B); House 2013-2016 (District 60B)
Kelly, Tim House 2009-2012 (District 28A); House 2013-2016 (District 21A)
Kieffer, Andrea House 2011-2012 (District 56B); House 2013-2014 (District 53B)
Kiel, Debra - "Deb" House 2011-2012 (District 1B); House 2013-2022 (District 1B); House 2023-Present (District 1B)
Kresha, Ron House 2013-2022 (District 09B); House 2023-Present (District 10A)
Laine, Carolyn House 2007-2012 (District 50A); House 2013-2016 (District 41B); Senate 2017-2020 (District 41)
Leidiger, Ernest Gilbert - "Ernie" House 2011-2012 (District 34A); House 2013-2014 (District 47A)
Lenczewski, Ann House 1999-2012 (District 40B); House 2013-2015 (District 50B)
Lesch, John House 2003-2012 (District 66A); House 2013-2020 (District 66B)
Liebling, Tina House 2005-2012 (District 30A); House 2013-2022 (District 26A); House 2023-Present (District 24B)
Lien, Ben House 2013-2020 (District 04A)
Lillie, Leon M. House 2005-2012 (District 55A); House 2013-2022 (District 43B); House 2023-Present (District 44B)
Loeffler, Diane House 2005-2012 (District 59A); House 2013-2019 (District 60A)
Lohmer, Kathy House 2011-2012 (District 56A); House 2013-2018 (District 39B)
Loon, Jenifer House 2009-2012 (District 42B); House 2013-2018 (District 48B)
Mack, Tara Kay House 2009-2012 (District 37A); House 2013-2016 (District 57A)
Mahoney, Tim House 1999-2012 (District 67A); House 2013-2020 (District 67A)
Mariani, Carlos House 1991-2012 (District 65B); House 2013-2022 (District 65B)
Marquart, Paul House 2001-2012 (District 9B); House 2013-2022 (District 4B)
Masin, Sandra House 2007-2010 (District 38A); House 2013-2022 (District 51A)
McDonald, Joe House 2011-2012 (District 19B); House 2013-2022 (District 29A); House 2023-Present (District 29A)
McNamar, Jay House 2013-2014 (District 12A)
McNamara, Denny House 2003-2012 (District 57B); House 2013-2016 (District 54B)
Melin, Carly House 2011-2012 (District 5B); House 2013-2016 (District 6A)
Metsa, Jason House 2013-2018 (District 06B)
Moran, Rena House 2011-2012 (District 65A); House 2013-2022 (District 65A)
Morgan, Will House 2007-2010 (District 40A); House 2013-2014 (District 56B)
Mullery, Joe House 1997-2012 (District 58A); House 2013-2016 (District 59A)
Murphy, Erin P. House 2007-2012 (District 64A); House 2013-2018 (District 64A); Senate 2021-2022 (District 64); Senate 2023-Present (District 64)
Murphy, Mary Catherine House 1977-82 (District 14B); House 1983-2002 (District 8A): House 2003-2012 (District 6B); House 2013-2022 (District 3B)
Myhra, Pam House 2011-2012 (District 40A); House 2013-2014 (District 56A)
Nelson, Michael V. - "Mike" House 2003-2012 (District 46A); House 2013-2022 (District 40A); House 2023-Present (District 38A)
Newberger, Jim House 2013-2018 (District 15B)
Newton, Jerry House 2009-2010 (District 49B); House 2013-2016 (District 37A); Senate 2017-2022 (District 37); House 2023-Present (District 35B)
Nornes, Bud B. House 1997-2012 (District 10A); House 2013-2020 (District 8A)
Norton, Kim House 2007-2012 (District 29B); House 2013-2016 (District 25B)
O'Driscoll, Tim House 2011-2012 (District 14A); House 2013-2022 (District 13B); 2023-Present (District 13B)
O'Neill, Marion House 2013-2022 (District 29B); House 2023-Present (District 29B)
Paymar, Michael House 1997-2012 (District 64B); House 2013-2014 (District 64B)
Pelowski, Jr., Gene P. House 1987-92 (District 34B); House 1993-2002 (District 32A); House 2003-2012 (District 31A); House 2013-2022 (District 28A); House 2023-Present (District 26A)
Peppin, Joyce House 2005-2012 (District 32A); House 2013-2018 (District 34A)
Persell, Jr., John Sterling House 2009-2012 (District 4A); House 2013-2016 (District 5A); House 2019-2020 (District 5A)
Petersburg, John House 2013-2022 (District 24A); House 2023-Present (District 19B)
Poppe, Jeanne E. House 2005-2012 (District 27B); House 2013-2020 (District 27B)
Pugh, Cindy House 2013-2018 (District 33B)
Quam, II, Duane House 2011-2012 (District 29A); House 2013-2022 (District 25A); House 2023-Present (District 24A)
Radinovich, Joe House 2013-2014 (District 10B)
Rosenthal, Paul House 2009-2010 (District 41B); House 2013-2018 (District 49B)
Runbeck, Linda House 1989-92 (District 52A); Senate 1993-2000 (District 53); House 2011-2012 (District 53A); House 2013-2020 (District 38A)
Sanders, Tim A. House 2009-2012 (District 51A); House 2013-2016 (District 37B)
Savick, Shannon House 2013-2014 (District 27A)
Sawatzky, Mary House 2013-2014 (District 17B)
Schoen, Dan House 2013-2016 (District 54A); Senate 2017 (District 54)
Schomacker, Joe House 2011-2012 (District 22A); House 2013-2022 (District 22A); House 2023-Present (District 21A)
Scott, Peggy House 2009-2012 (District 49A); House 2013-2022 (District 35B); House 2023-Present (District 31B)
Selcer, Yvonne House 2013-2016 (District 48A)
Simon, Steve House 2005-2012 (District 44A); House 2013-2014 (District 46B)
Simonson, Erik House 2013-2016 (District 07B); Senate 2017-2020 (District 07)
Slocum, Linda House 2007-2012 (District 63B); House 2013-2018 (District 50A)
Sundin, Mike House 2013-2022 (District 11A)
Swedzinski, Chris House 2011-2012 (District 21A); House 2013-2022 (District 16A); House 2023-Present (District 15A)
Theis, Tama House 2013-2022 (District 14A)
Thissen, Paul House 2003-2012 (District 63A); House 2013-2018 (District 61B)
Torkelson, Paul House 2009-2012 (District 21B); House 2013-2022 (District 16B); House 2023-Present (District 15B)
Uglem, Mark House 2013-2018 (District 36A)
Urdahl, Dean House 2003-2012 (District 18B); House 2013-2022 (District 18A); House 2023-Present (District 16A)
Wagenius, Jean D. House 1987-92 (District 62B); House 1993-2002 (District 63A); House 2003-2012 (District 62B); House 2013-2020 (District 63B)
Ward, JoAnn House 2013-2018 (District 53A)
Ward, John House 2007-2012 (District 12A); House 2013-2014 (District 10A)
Wills, Anna House 2013-2018 (District 57B)
Winkler, Ryan House 2007-2012 (District 44B); House 2013-2015 (District 46A); House 2019-2022 (District 46A)
Woodard, Kelby G. House 2011-2012 (District 25B); House 2013-2014 (District 20A)
Yarusso, Barb House 2013-2016 (District 42A)
Zellers, Kurt House 2003-2012 (District 32B); House 2013-2014 (District 34B)
Zerwas, Nicholas - "Nick" House 2013-2019 (District 30A)