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Page, Orin H. "O.H."

Senate 1879-80 (District 9)

Party when first elected:  Not Available

Counties Served:  Olmsted


Date of Birth: 11/4/1832
Birth Place: Union, New York
Birth County: Brown
Birth Country: United States
Date of Death:
Gender: Male
Reported Minority: None Reported
Other Names: O.H.
City of Residence (when first elected): Pleasant Grove
Occupation (when first elected): Farmer




Spouse: Married
Family Members Who Have Served in the Minnesota Legislature:


He came to Minnesota in 1854.

"He lived thirteen years in [New York], then removed to Columbia county, Wisconsin. He is evidently just about as nature designed him--a self-made man, and a good one. He abounds in hard, practical sense, a knowledge that comes of well matured thought, keen observation, a reliable memory, prominent social faculties, and a desire to mingle with men and discuss measures. In 1854, with his gun aud grip-sack, he came to Minnesota pre-empted a piece of Olmsted county, where he has since lived; has a good home and 250 acres of well tilled land, adjoining the town of Pleasant Grove . . . About five years ago the honorable gentleman began to take an interest in politics, and like all bad habits they grew upon him, until finally the disease became chronic, and here we find him in the State Senate. He is a Greenbacker, [doesn't] believe in the divine light of kings, national banks, oppressive contraction of the currency, the depreciation of silver by fraud, nor in any other monopoly that tends to paralize the industries of the country and oppress the toiling millions all over this broad republic. Senator Page is considered one of the strong men in Olmsted county politics. He is a prominent granger, and in that capacity set the ball in motion that eventually developed into a strong anti-monopoly element. Last fall the Democrats and Republicans compromised on their candidates, leaving the subject of this sketch to run his race with simply the bare support of his own party. Consequently he was the only successful candidate from that county elected on the soft money issue." (Daily Globe (St. Paul), February 8, 1879)

Total Days Served: 728


21st Legislative Session (1879-1880)

  Session Details
Body: Senate
District: 09
Elected: 11/5/1878
Residence: Pleasant Grove
Term of Office: 1/7/1879 to 1/3/1881
Counties Represented: Olmsted
Occupation: Farmer
Party: Not Available
  • Agriculture
  • Deaf, Dumb and Blind
  • Elections
  • Weights, Measures and Wheat Grades Special