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Miller, Melvin J.

House 1973-74 (District 12A)

Party when first elected:  Nonpartisan Election-Democratic-Farmer-Labor Caucus

Counties Served:  Morrison, Todd


Date of Birth: 5/19/1919
Birth Place: Mott, North Dakota
Birth County:
Birth Country: United States
Date of Death: 11/15/1974
Gender: Male
Religion: Catholic
Reported Minority: None Reported
Other Names:
City of Residence (when first elected): Randall
Occupation (when first elected): Farmer



Municipal Government: Randall, Minnesota (Town Assessor); 19?? to 19??
Municipal Board/Commission: Randall, Minnesota (Town Board); 19?? to 19??
School Board/Administration: Randall, Minnesota (School Board); 19?? to 19??
Military: United States Army Air Corps (World War II); 1942 to 1946


Spouse: Anne (married in 1950)
Children: Thirteen children: John, David, Keith, Craig, Neil, and Brian (sons); Barbara, Joyce, Mary Ellen, Jean, Carla, Kay, and Amy (daughters)
Family Members Who Have Served in the Minnesota Legislature:


He was a member of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party.

He was a member of the Knights of Columbus.

He won the seat for 12A in the 1974 election, but died before he could be seated in the 1975 legislature.

He died from an apparent heart attack at the Hotel St. Paul in St. Paul, Minnesota. His funeral was held at St. James Catholic Church in Randall, Minnesota. He was buried in the St. James Cemetery in Randall, Minnesota.

Religion provided by the Minnesota Legislative Manual, 1973-74.

Total Days Served: 683


68th Legislative Session (1973-1974)

  Session Details
Body: House
District: 12A
Elected: 11/7/1972
Residence: Randall
Term of Office: 1/2/1973 to 11/15/1974 (unfinished term)
Counties Represented: Morrison, Todd
Occupation: Farmer
Party: Nonpartisan Election-Democratic-Farmer-Labor Caucus
  • Agriculture
  • Commerce and Economic Development
  • Governmental Operations
  • Labor-Management Relations
Reason for unfinished term: Death
Session Notes: He died while in office on November 15, 1974. He was reelected on November 5, 1974, but died before being sworn into office in 1975. His margin of victory over Robert V. Holmen (Listed as Holmes in the Secretary of State's 1972 election results published in the Minnesota Legislative Manual, 1973-74. All other sources list Holmen.) was only 20 votes so a recount occurred. Legal papers notifying Miller of the recount lawsuit were given to his 13 year old daughter, he challenged this as being improper. The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that it was sufficient in this situation. After the recount he was declared the winner by approximately 43 votes.
Articles & Books About
"State Rep. Miller Dies in St. Paul (Obituary)." Minneapolis Tribune, November 16, 1974, p. 12B.

"Melvin Miller, Randall Legislator, Dies at 55 (Obituary)." Minneapolis Star, November 15, 1974.

"State Legislator Melvin Miller is Dead at 55 (Obituary)." St. Paul Dispatch, November 15, 1974.

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