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Chief Clerks of the Minnesota House of Representatives, 1849-present

Compiled by the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library

Compiled from Minnesota legislative manuals and other sources. While efforts have been made to verify this information in more than one source, the library cannot guarantee the accuracy of sources; errors are possible. Please report any errors to the library staff.

The position of House Chief Clerk, elected at the beginning of the odd year session, is usually held for the full biennium. Changes made during the biennium are noted. If the person served in the Legislature their name is linked to information about their legislative service.

93rd Legislature (2023 - 2024)Patrick D. Murphy
92nd Legislature (2021 - 2022)Patrick D. Murphy
91st Legislature (2019 - 2020)Patrick D. Murphy
90th Legislature (2017 - 2018)Patrick D. Murphy
89th Legislature (2015 - 2016)Patrick D. Murphy
88th Legislature (2013 - 2014)Albin A. Mathiowetz
87th Legislature (2011 - 2012)Albin A. Mathiowetz
86th Legislature (2009 - 2010)Albin A. Mathiowetz
85th Legislature (2007 - 2008)Albin A. Mathiowetz
84th Legislature (2005 - 2006)Albin A. Mathiowetz
83rd Legislature (2003 - 2004)Edward A. Burdick
82nd Legislature (2001 - 2002)Edward A. Burdick
81st Legislature (1999 - 2000)Edward A. Burdick
80th Legislature (1997 - 1998)Edward A. Burdick
79th Legislature (1995 - 1996)Edward A. Burdick
78th Legislature (1993 - 1994)Edward A. Burdick
77th Legislature (1991 - 1992)Edward A. Burdick
76th Legislature (1989 - 1990)Edward A. Burdick
75th Legislature (1987 - 1988)Edward A. Burdick
74th Legislature (1985 - 1986)Edward A. Burdick
73rd Legislature (1983 - 1984)Edward A. Burdick
72nd Legislature (1981 - 1982)Edward A. Burdick
71st Legislature (1979 - 1980)Edward A. Burdick
70th Legislature (1977 - 1978)Edward A. Burdick
69th Legislature (1975 - 1976)Edward A. Burdick
68th Legislature (1973 - 1974)Edward A. Burdick
67th Legislature (1971 - 1972)Edward A. Burdick
66th Legislature (1969 - 1970)Edward A. Burdick
65th Legislature (1967 - 1968)Edward A. Burdick
64th Legislature (1965 - 1966)George H. Leahy
63rd Legislature (1963 - 1964)George H. Leahy
62nd Legislature (1961 - 1962)George H. Leahy
61st Legislature (1959 - 1960)George H. Leahy
60th Legislature (1957 - 1958)George H. Leahy
59th Legislature (1955 - 1956)George H. Leahy
58th Legislature (1953 - 1954)George H. Leahy
57th Legislature (1951 - 1952)George H. Leahy
56th Legislature (1949 - 1950)George H. Leahy
55th Legislature (1947 - 1948)George H. Leahy
54th Legislature (1945 - 1946)George H. Leahy
53rd Legislature (1943 - 1944)Harry L. Allen
52nd Legislature (1941 - 1942)Harry L. Allen
51st Legislature (1939 - 1940)William I. Nolan
50th Legislature (1937 - 1938)John J. McDonough
49th Legislature (1935 - 1936)John I. Levin
48th Legislature, 1934 Extra Session (1933)Harry L. Allen
48th Legislature (1933 - 1934)Frank T. Starkey
47th Legislature (1931 - 1932)John I. Levin
46th Legislature (1929 - 1930)John I. Levin
45th Legislature (1927 - 1928)John I. Levin
44th Legislature (1925 - 1926)Oscar Arneson
43rd Legislature (1923 - 1924)Oscar Arneson
42nd Legislature (1921 - 1922)Oscar Arneson
41st Legislature (1919 - 1920)Oscar Arneson
40th Legislature (1917 - 1918)Oscar Arneson
39th Legislature (1915 - 1916)Oscar Arneson
38th Legislature (1913 - 1914)Oscar Arneson
37th Legislature (1911 - 1912)Oscar Arneson
36th Legislature (1909 - 1910)Archibald H. Vernon
35th Legislature (1907 - 1908)Adolph E. L. Johnson
34th Legislature (1905 - 1906)Julius A. Schmahl
33rd Legislature (1903 - 1904)Julius A. Schmahl
32nd Legislature (1901 - 1902)Julius A. Schmahl
31st Legislature (1899 - 1900)Israel Bergstrom
30th Legislature (1897 - 1898)Michael John Dowling
29th Legislature (1895 - 1896)Michael John Dowling
28th Legislature (1893 - 1894)F. A. Johnson
27th Legislature (1891 - 1892)P. J. Smalley
26th Legislature (1889 - 1890)C. P. Carpenter
25th Legislature (1887 - 1888)John R. Howard
24th Legislature (1885 - 1886)John R. Howard
23rd Legislature (1883 - 1884)John R. Howard
22nd Legislature (1881 - 1882)John R. Howard
21st Legislature (1879 - 1880)Mark D. Flower
20th Legislature (1878)Mark D. Flower
19th Legislature (1877)G. W. Buswell
18th Legislature (1876)G. W. Buswell
17th Legislature (1875)S. H. Nichols
16th Legislature (1874)S. H. Nichols
15th Legislature (1873)S. H. Nichols
14th Legislature (1872)John C. Hamilton
13th Legislature (1871)S. P. Jennison
12th Legislature (1870)William R. Kinyon
11th Legislature (1869)William R. Kinyon
10th Legislature (1868)S. P. Jennison
9th Legislature (1867)S. P. Jennison
8th Legislature (1866)Andrew C. Dunn
7th Legislature (1865)Andrew C. Dunn
6th Legislature (1864)Andrew C. Dunn
5th Legislature (1863)Alfred B. Webber
4th Legislature (1862)David Blakely
3rd Legislature (1861)David Blakely
2nd Legislature (1859 - 1860)Jared Benson
1st Legislature (1857 - 1858)Allen T. Chamblin
8th Territorial Legislature (1857)H. L. Edwards
7th Territorial Legislature (1856)H. L. Edwards
6th Territorial Legislature (1855)James C. Shepley
5th Territorial Legislature (1854)Andrew J. Morgan
4th Territorial Legislature (1853)Joseph R. Brown
3rd Territorial Legislature (1852)Allen Pierse
2nd Territorial Legislature (1851)Bushrod W. Lott
1st Territorial Legislature (1849)William D. Phillips