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House Chaplains, 1849-present

Compiled by the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library

While efforts have been made to verify this information in more than one source, the library cannot guarantee the accuracy of sources; errors are possible. Please report any errors to the library staff.

Years Chaplain Denomination
2021-2022 Individual Guest Chaplains Various
2019-2020 Individual Guest Chaplains Various
2017-2018 Individual Guest Chaplains Various
2015-2016 Individual Guest Chaplains Various
2013-2014 Individual Guest Chaplains Various
2011-2012 Rev. Grady St. Dennis Lutheran
2009-2010 Rev. Dennis J. Johnson Lutheran
2008 Rev. Richard D. Buller Presbyterian
2007-2008* Rev. Paul Rogers Lutheran
2005-2006 Rev. Lonnie E. Titus Assemblies of God
2003-2004 Rev. Lonnie E. Titus Assemblies of God
2001-2002 Rev. Lonnie E. Titus Assemblies of God
1999-2000 Rev. Lonnie E. Titus Assemblies of God
1997-1998 Ronald A. Smith (appointed 4/18/1997, elected 1/26/1998) Baptist
1995-1997? Msgr. James D. Habiger Catholic
1993-1994 Rev. Dr. Donald M. Meisel Presbyterian
1991-1992 Msgr. James D. Habiger Catholic
1989-1990 Msgr. James D. Habiger Catholic
1987-1988 Rev. Delton Krueger Methodist
1985-1986 Rev. Howard C. Gravrock Lutheran
1983-1984 Rev. Tomas E. Meeks Lutheran
1981-1982 Father William Mertz Catholic
1979-1980 Rev. Philip L. Hansen Lutheran
1977-1978 Rev. James A. Gullickson (Chaplain-designate, 1977) Lutheran
1975-1976 Rev. Tomas E. Meeks Lutheran
1973-1974 Father Steven Adrian Catholic
Rev. Donald F. Bargen Catholic
Father Walter L. Sochacki Catholic
Rev. Mordeau Williams African Methodist Episcopal
1971E Rev. Roger F. Carroll Catholic
1971 Dr. Walter W. Wynkoop United Church of Christ
Dr. Frederick C. Schwartz Jewish
Virgil L. Brenny Catholic
Charles H. Akre Lutheran
Thomas Lee Basich Lutheran
John G. Donahue Catholic
Roger F. Carroll Catholic
1969** Rev. LeRoy H. Klaus Methodist
Rabbi Bernard S. Raskas Jewish
Rev. Ambrose R. Filbin Catholic
Rev. Edward J. Flahavan Catholic
Rev. Paul Koscielniak Catholic
Rev. Clarence J. Vavra Catholic
Rev. Donald F. Wegscheider Catholic
Rev. Sherman H. Miller Episcopal Church
Rev. Paul John Williams Baptist
1967E*** Representative Emery Barrette Methodist
1967 Rev. Lloyd J. Fortin Catholic
1966E Alvin H. Rogen
1965 Rev. James R. Anderson
1963 Dr. Irving West
1961E Emrys Price Thomas Congregational
1961 Rt. Rev. Msgr. John J. Cullinan (1st half of session) Catholic
Rabbi Bernard S. Raskas (2nd half of session) Jewish
1959E Pastor Theodore H. Goehle Lutheran
1959 Rev. Gordon J. Hoffman Catholic
1957 Rev. Vincent J. O’Connell, S.M. Catholic
1955 Rev. Vincent J. O’Connell, S.M. Catholic
1953 Rev. John P. Woods Presbyterian
1951 Father Louis Emmerth, S.M. Catholic
1949 Father Max J. Matz Catholic
1947 Rev. Francis C. Wilkins Catholic
1945 Rev. Terence L. Moore Catholic
1944E Rev. Vincent J. Yany Catholic
1943 Rev. John Stelmes Catholic
1941 Rev. Joseph Simonson Lutheran
1939 Rev. Max J. Matz Catholic
1937E Rev. George C. Koehler
1937 Rev. Charles J. Keefe Catholic
1935 Rev. Max J. Matz Catholic
Rev. Cornelius H. Hook Presbyterian
1933 Rev. Charles L. Grant Lutheran
1931 Rev. Charles L. Grant Lutheran
1929 Rev. Frank Doran D.D. Methodist
1927 Rev. Frank Doran D.D. Methodist
1925 Rev. Alfred G. Pinkham Episcopal Church
1923 Rev. Walter S. Howard Episcopal Church
1921 Rev. Walter S. Howard Episcopal Church
1919 Rev. W. J. Brown Congregational
1917 Fred S. Attwood Christian Science
1915 W. R. Keesey Methodist
1913 G. W. Lutz
1912E M. M. Maxwell
1911 C. W. B. Ellis
1909 R. D. Phillips
1907 E. K. Cooper
1905 Robert Forbes
1903 H. W. Knowles
1902E H. W. Knowles
1901 O. N. Lindh
1899 C. M. Heard
1897 Robert McCune
1895 I. C. Fortin
1893 William Wilkinson
1891 M. M. Maxwell
1889 W. A. Harrington
1887 W. A. Harrington
1885 W. A. Harrington
1883 M. McG. Dana
1881 G. W. T. Wright
1879 David Brooks
1878 C. Hobart
1877 C. Hobart
1876 M. N. Adams
1875**** Clergy of St. Paul (gratuitously)
1874 F. T. Brown
1873 S. T. Sterrett
1872 S. T. Sterrett
1871 S. N. Phelps
1870 E. R. Lathrop
1869 C. G. Bowdish
1868 C. G. Bowdish
1867 Daniel Cobb
1866 Daniel Cobb
1865 Cyrus Brooks
1864 A. D. Williams
1863 George S. Biscoe
1862 J. C. Whitney
1861 A. S. Fiske
1859-1860 John Mattock
1857-1858 John Penman
1857T Mr. Kinney
1856T Rev. E. D. Neill
1855T Rev. Mr. E. A. Hodsdon Universalist
1854T Rev. Mr. J. Bradley
1853T Rev. Mr. Chamberlain
1852T Clergy of this Territory (alternating)
Rev. Mr. C. Hobart
Rev. Mr. Bradley
Rev. Mr. Fullerton
Rev. Mr. Webber
Rev. Mr. Riheldaffer
Rev. Mr. Ravoux
1851T***** Rev. E. D. Neill (1st part of session)
Rev. Mr. C. Hobart (2nd part of session)
1849T****** Rev. Mr. C. Hobart

* Rev. Paul Rogers resigned mid-biennial session 2007/2008. Prayer was offered by the Reverend Paul Rogers, House Chaplain on February 12, 2008.

** Rev. LeRoy H. Klaus (elected January 7, 1969) resigned effective January 26, 1969.
Rabbi Bernard S. Raskas (elected January 27, 1969) resigned effective February 15, 1969.
Rev. Ambrose R. Filbin (elected February 17, 1969) resigned effective March 7, 1969.
Rev. Edward J. Flahavan (elected March 11, 1969) resigned effective March 27, 1969.
Rev. Paul Koscielniak (elected March 29, 1969) resigned effective April 6, 1969.
Rev. Clarence J. Vavra (elected April 7, 1969) resigned effective April 16, 1969.
Rev. Donald F. Wegscheider (elected April 17, 1969) resigned effective April 26, 1969.
Rev. Sherman H. Miller (elected April 28, 1969) resigned effective May 16, 1969.

*** Representative Emery Barrette, a Methodist minister by occupation, offered the prayers during the seven day extra session of 1967.

**** Rev. F. T. Brown, Rev. J. Marvin, Rev. Robert Smith, and Rev. Dr. Breed are listed on various days in the beginning. Later in session, the Journals don’t record a prayer being offered.

***** Rev. E. D. Neill was elected by the members on January 4, 1851. He resigned on January 30, 1851. By resolution, Rev. Mr. C. Hobart was chosen to replace him on January 31, 1851.

****** Rev. Mr. C. Hobart was selected by the adoption of a resolution on September 4, 1849. Rev. Mr. E. D. Neill appears to have been his substitute.

Compiled by: The Legislative Reference Library
Compiled from: Minnesota Legislative Manuals (especially 1917) and House Journals

Following year: E = Extra (Special) Session, T = Territorial Legislature