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Minnesota Executive Orders - 1967 to Present

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Governor: All
Number: 25

Official NumberFile NumberFileTitleAdditional Info & NotesDate SignedDate FiledRelated EOGovernor
21-25 21-25 PDF Executive Order 21-25 Protecting Minnesotans from "Conversion Therapy"

Summary of Findings: A Review of Scientific Evidence of Conversion Therapy

Commerce and MDH Joint Administrative Bulletin 2021-3, Gender Identify Nondiscrimination Requirements

MDHR, DHS, MDH, Commerce Joint Administration Bulletin 2022-1
07/15/2107/15/21 Tim Walz
20-25 20-25 PDF Emergency Executive Order 20-25 Authorizing Peace Officers, Firefighters, and Security-Related Licensing Boards to Modify Requirements During the COVID-19 Peacetime Emergency Includes Executive Council Resolution on Executive Order 20-25 03/31/2003/31/20 21-16 PDF
Tim Walz
19-25 19-25 PDF Executive Order 19-25 Advancing Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Programs for Minnesota's Public Buildings; Rescinding Executive Order 11-12 04/04/1904/04/19 11-12 PDF
Tim Walz
None 11-25-A PDF Commissioner of Transportation Order: Extension of Emergency Executive Order 11-25 Extending The Period Provided For Relief From Regulations To Motor Carriers And Drivers Operating In Minnesota 09/16/11  11-25 PDF
Mark Dayton
11-25 11-25 PDF Emergency Executive Order 11-25 Declaring An Emergency And Providing For Relief From Regulations To Motor Carriers And Drivers Operating In Minnesota (While In The Process Of Obtaining And Transporting Motor Fuels) 08/19/11  11-25-A PDF
Mark Dayton
93-25 93-25 PDF Emergency Executive Order 93-25 Declaring A State Of Emergency In The State Of Minnesota (Concerning The Heavy Rainfall That Has Resulted In Widespread Road And Bridge Closings And Damage, Crop Destruction, Building Damage, Potential Dam And Levee Failures, And Other Threats To Public Safety; Extending The Declaration Of State Of Emergency To Kandiyohi County) 09/29/93  93-24 PDF
93-23 PDF
93-22 PDF
93-19 PDF
93-18 PDF
93-16 PDF
93-15 PDF
93-12 PDF
93-07 PDF
Arne Carlson
91-25 91-25 PDF Emergency Executive Order 91-25 Providing For Assistance To Several Counties In Southern Minnesota During The 1991 Halloween Blizzard 11/02/91  Arne Carlson
83-25 83-25 PDF Executive Order No. 83-25 Providing For The Assignment Of Duties To State Agencies Under The Land And Water Conservation Fund Act Of 1965 (P.L. 94-422); Repealing Executive Order No. 79-14 04/26/83  79-14 PDF
Rudy Perpich
79-25 79-25 PDF Executive Order No. 79-25 Authorizing The Bureau Of Criminal Apprehension To Provide Criminal History Conviction Data To The Department Of Public Welfare And Various County Welfare Departments 05/29/79  Al Quie
125 75-125 PDF Executive Order No. 125 Assigning The Programs Previously Administered By The Governor's Office Of Economic Opportunity To The Governor's Manpower Office 11/17/75  77-160 PDF
76-79A PDF
75-124 PDF
74-79 PDF
Wendell Anderson
25 72-25 PDF Executive Order No. 25 Providing For The Establishment Of An Environmental Quality Council 04/05/72  75-122 PDF
Wendell Anderson
25 68-25 PDF Declaration of Emergency - Flooding Conditions 10/22/6810/23/68 Harold LeVander