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The Legislative Reference Library has archived the following electronic versions of this document. There may be other documents available.

NorthMet Mining Project and Land Exchange: Preliminary Final Environmental Impact Statement.

Publisher: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Re: Data Practices Act Request for the NorthMet Mining Project and Land Exchange Preliminary Final Environmental Impact Statement
NorthMet Mining Project and Land Exchange Preliminary Final Environmental Impact Statement
NorthMet Mining Project and Land Exchange Preliminary Final Environmental Impact Statement - Electronic References Part 1
1854 Treaty Authority 2006.pdf
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Lake Superior Binational Program 2012a.pdf
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Lee 2002.pdf
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Loucks et al. 2005.pdf
NorthMet Mining Project and Land Exchange Preliminary Final Environmental Impact Statement - Electronic References Part 2
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USFS 2015a.pdf
USFS Unpublished Data 2009.pdf
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USFWS 2009.pdf
USFWS 2011.pdf
USFWS 2012.pdf
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USGS 2008.pdf
USGS 2010.pdf
USGS 2015.pdf
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Williams et al. 1989.pdf
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Wright 1974.pdf
Zedeño et al. 2001.pdf
Zellie 2007.pdf
Zellie 2012.pdf


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