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The Legislative Reference Library has archived the following electronic versions of this document. There may be other documents available.

[In memoriam : Minnesota State Senate memorial services and tributes to former senate colleagues].

Publisher: Minnesota Senate

1935: Sullivan, George H.; Putzier, C. J.
1937: MacKenzie, Claude H.; Bonniwell, Harlow H.; Morrison, Patrick W.; Adams, Charles E.
1941: Anderson, William B.; Miller, Frederick J.; Kelly, Richard; Devold, Andrew O.; Cooke, L. O.
1947: Richardson, William B.; Weber, J. V.; Roepke, William L.; Thwing, Alfred J.; Nordlin, George; Hackney, Joseph H.; Berg, Louis E.
1957: Anderson, Ernest P.; Bridgeman, Harry A.; Dougherty, Frank E.; Duea, Severt B.; Guilford, Paul; Hall, James H.; Lodin, Albert; Lund, L. P.; Marshall, Robert G.; Newton, Fred; Olson, Conrad; Seifert, Alexander; Sprung, Herman; Young, Henry G.; Johnson, L.P.
1959: Baughman, Claude; Griggs, O. H.; Lund, Charles A.; Pedersen, Hans C.; Ribenack, Edward R.; Sletten, R. C.; Miller, Archie H.
1963: Berglund, Alfred; Butler, Colvin G.; Child, Sherman W.; Dernek, Leonard W.; Hanson, H. C.; Johnson, John A.; Klein, Charles; Malone, Martin M.; Pederson, Nels A.; Rogers, Herbert; Siegel, George; Stiening, Henry C.; Vadheim, Joseph; Wahlstrand, Harry L.
1965: Almen, Ansgar L.; Arens, H. M.; Bares, Raymond H.; Bell, Robert Cook; Butler, Gordon H.; Carey, David M.; Carr, Homer M.; Cashman, Michael R.; Diesen, Julius E.; Friberg, Erick; Johanson, A. R.; Masek, Joseph H.; Novak, B. G.; Sageng, Ole; Spindler, Henry; Swanson, H. A.; Traxler, John H.; Wuertz, Werner
1967: Anderson, A. A.; Behmler, Fred W.; Child, Fay George; Dietz, William; Fisk, Sr., Blake; Goodin, H. P.; Huhtala, J. William; Kozlak, Sr., Joseph A.; Lauerman, Leo J.; Ledin, Wendell L.; Wolfe, Walter P.
1969: Boyle, James P.; Lightner, Milton C.; O'Brien, George H.; O'Loughlin, Harold J.; Petersen, William L.; Root, Charles W.; Sletvold, A. O.
1971: Johnson, Robert G.; Lofvegren, Clifford; Pattison, Sr., John; Popp, Harold R.; Wiseth, Roy E.


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