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On Saturday Rep. Kurt Daudt was elected by the House Republican Caucus as their leader for the upcoming session.  Since he is a relatively new legislator, the question arose: Is Rep. Daudt the first second-term legislator to be selected as a minority leader?

We created tables to show the number of terms that members in various leadership positions served before being elected as leaders by their caucuses.  Choose the position on this page.
As far as we could verify, only one other Minority Leader was elected to that position in his second term. Rep. David Jennings became Minority Leader in his second term, but not until the second year of his second term.  Note that Rep. Daudt does not show up on our table, and won't show up until the 2013 legislative session is officially convened.
Of House Majority Leaders, Rep. George Wilson became Majority Leader in his FIRST term. This was long ago, in 1903.
Three people became Majority Leaders in their second terms; again, long ago.

In the 1800s several representatives were elected Speaker of the House in their first or second terms.

It appears that no senator was elected Majority Leader or Minority Leader until beginning a third term in office.