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Legislative Task Force to Review the Background Study Process

Active dates:1997-

Evaluate current systems for background studies completed in programs licensed by the Department of Human Services and the Department of Health. Evaluate the appropriateness of: disqualifying an individual when a state or county agency has determined that, in the absence of a criminal conviction, there is a preponderance of evidence the individual committed a disqualifying crime; due process available to a disqualified individual; standardizing disqualifying characteristics across all services licensed by the Department of Human Services and the Department of Health.


According to the May 1998 report: "The Commissioner of Human Services appointed 53 people to the task force who are representatives of the stakeholders identified in the above legislation. The Speaker of the House and the Rules and Administration Subcommittee on Committees in the Senate appointed three members from each body to the task force. However, the task force was not convened by the chairs. This report is, therefore, limited to the perspective of the commissioner of human services and is intended to serve as background information on these topics. The report also includes information regarding court decisions made on these issues. The commissioner does not recommend any changes in the current systems for background studies."

Subordinate to:
Department of Human Services

At least six legislators and other members appointed by the commissioner of human services, at least three members appointed by the speaker of the house and at least three members appointed by the rules and administration subcommittee on committees in the senate,

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Record last updated: 03/29/2022

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