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Legislative Commission on the Economic Status of Women

Also known as:
Commission on the Economic Status of Women
Economic Status of Women Commission
Active dates:1983-2005

The commission shall study all matters relating to the economic status of women in Minnesota, including:
(1) economic security of homemakers and women in the labor force,
(2) opportunities for education and vocational training,
(3) employment opportunities,
(4) the contributions of women to the economy,
(5) women's access to benefits and services provided to citizens of this state, and
(6) laws and business practices constituting barriers to the full participation by women in the economy.
The commission shall study also the adequacy of programs and services relating to families in Minnesota, including
single-parent families and members beyond the nuclear or immediate family.


In 1983, the Legislative Commission on the Economic Status of Women was created by the reorganization of the Council on the Economic Status of Women, which had been in existence since 1976. The group was reorganized into a joint legislative advisory commission and the name was changed. In 2005, the group was renamed again to the Office on the Economic Status of Women and aligned under the Legislative Coordinating Commission.


5 senators, 5 representatives

Agency heads:

Director: Aviva Breen (1983-2001); Diane Cushman (2001-2005)

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Record last updated: 03/08/2021

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