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Minnesota Agencies

Information on Minnesota State Agencies, Boards, Task Forces, and Commissions

Compiled by the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library

Jobs and Training Department

Active dates:1985-1994

The department of jobs and training has broad responsibility to increase the economic independence of Minnesotans with special effort toward those who are currently unemployed or who face special disadvantages in the labor market. The department shall develop employment policies and link training and employment-related services with temporary income replacement and income maintenance
programs, veterans' programs, workers' compensation, vocational and postsecondary education, federal income insurance programs, and economic development programs.


In 1985, State Services for the Blind joined the Economic Security Department, and became the Department of Jobs and Training (1985 Minn. Laws Special Session 1 Chap. 14 Art. 9).

In 1985, the Legislature significantly altered the organizations overseeing and administering employment and training programs in Minnesota. The 1985 Jobs Bill realigned the responsibilities of state agencies, established a new state office to coordinate all the programs, and gave local governments a greater say in how certain program funds are spent. The legislation also established the reduction of welfare caseloads and unemployment rates as the primary goals of the state's employment and training programs. It envisioned the development of a strategy for more effectively using available resources and for increasing coordination among and co-location of existing programs.
(Paragraph from: Employment and Training Programs: Program Evaluation Division, Office of the Legislative Auditor, 1987).

In 1994 the Department of Jobs and Training returned to the name Department of Economic Security (1994 Minn. Laws Chap. 483).

Agency heads:

Commissioner; term, 4 years or pleasure of governor

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News clippings and documents. Agencies Notebook Collection, 1985-1994.
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