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Information on Minnesota State Agencies, Boards, Task Forces, and Commissions

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Interstate Port Authority Commission

Active dates:1976 - June 30, 1977
Function: The session law creating this commission described their charge the following way:
(1) Study the interrelationship of federal law and the laws of Minnesota and Wisconsin in areas of commerce, common carriers, and public utilities;
(2) Investigate the impact the merger will have on the economics of the region;
(3) Consider alternatives of ownership and control of the merged facility, and the relationship of the facility to the existing governmental entities;
(4) Recommend plans of bonding and taxation to support the merged facility;
(5) Study methods to avoid needless duplication of facilities and services, keeping in mind the resulting effects upon employment in the community;
(6) Develop a system of accountability and periodic review of the activities and functions of the merged facility;
(7) Cooperate and work with the Minnesota -Wisconsin Boundary Area Commission;
(8) Research any other matters it deems necessary for the performance of its duties.

By January 1977, the commission was required to submit a report of its findings and a draft of an interstate agreement to merge the port authorities to the Minnesota and Wisconsin legislatures.
History: In 1976, Minnesota and Wisconsin passed legislation creating the interstate port authority commission (see Laws of Minnesota 1976, chapter 270 (HF1988), and Laws of Wisconsin 1975, chapter 376 (SB699)). The commission was created to develop a plan for the merger of the port authorities at Duluth, Minnesota, and Superior, Wisconsin. The commission's charge included collecting, interpreting, and correlating information, investigating plans and policies in other states, and drafting a comprehensive interstate agreement to accomplish the merger.

The commission met eight times between July and December 1976.
Membership: The commission shall consist of five members from the state of Minnesota, to be chosen as follows: one state senator selected by the committee on committees, one state representative selected by the speaker of the house of representatives, one person appointed by the governor, one person appointed by the mayor of Duluth, and one person appointed by the Duluth port authority. Each member shall be entitled to reimbursement by the appointing authority for expenses incurred in the performance of his duties in the same manner and amount as provided for state employees. The members from the state of Minnesota shall meet with five members from the state of Wisconsin, selected in a similar manner as determined by the legislature of the state of Wisconsin. The commission may employ staff or assistants necessary in the performance of its duties. Members' names are listed on page 8 of the final report.
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News clippings and documents. Agencies Notebook Collection, 1976.
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