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Minnesota Agencies

Information on Minnesota State Agencies, Boards, Task Forces, and Commissions

Compiled by the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library

Finance Department

Also known as:
Minnesota Department of Finance
Active dates:1973 - 2008

The commissioner of finance shall: receive and record all money paid into the state treasury and safely keep it until lawfully paid out; manage the state's financial affairs; keep the state's general account books according to generally accepted government accounting principles; keep expenditure and revenue accounts according to generally accepted government accounting principles; develop, provide instructions for, prescribe, and manage a state uniform accounting system; provide to the state the expertise to ensure that all state funds are accounted for under generally accepted government accounting principles; and coordinate the development of, and maintain standards for, internal auditing in state agencies and, in cooperation with the commissioner of administration, report to the legislature and the governor by January 31 of odd-numbered years, on progress made.

In addition to these duties, the commissioner has the powers and duties given to the commissioner in chapter 43A.


In 1973 all the powers, duties, and responsibilities then vested in and imposed upon the state auditor were transferred to the department of finance.

A 2008 merger combined the former departments of Finance and Employee Relations and the Management Analysis Division from the Department of Administration.

Agency heads:

Commissioner; term, 4 years or pleasure of governor:

Edward Ziegler, August 1973-April 1975
Gerald Christenson, June 1975-December 1978
Wayne Burggraaff, February 1979-August 1981
Allan Rudell, January 1982-August 1982
Gordon "Gus" Donhowe, exact dates unknown
Jay Kiedrowski, May 1985-August 1987
Nelling Johnson (acting commissioner), exact dates unknown
Tom Triplett, October 1987-December 1989
Peter Hutchinson, January 1990-December 1990
John Gunyou, January 1991-October 1994
Laura King, October 1994-October 1996
Wayne Simoneau October 1996-December 1998
Pamela Wheelock, January 1999-December 2002
Ann Berry (acting commissioner), exact dates unknown
Dan McElroy, January 2003-January 2004
Peggy Ingison, February 2004-December 2006
Tom Hanson, December 2006-May 2008.

Note: The Legislative Reference Library may have additional reports on or by this group available through our catalog.
November forecast, determination of current law reserve. Memo from Dan McElroy, Commissioner of Finance, to Sen. Richard Cohen and Rep. Jim Knoblach, 11/10/2003.
Information about merging the Treasurer's Office with the Finance Department, [1985?].
News clippings and documents. Agencies Notebook Collection, 1973-2008.
News clippings and documents. Agencies Notebook Collection, 1975-2007.
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