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Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Board

Also known as:
Active dates:1996 -

The board shall administer and enforce the provisions of MN Statutes 144E and other duties as assigned; advise applicants for state or federal emergency medical services funds, review and comment on such applications, and approve the use of such funds unless otherwise required by federal law; make recommendations to the legislature on improving the access, delivery, and effectiveness of the state's emergency medical services delivery system; and establish procedures for investigating, hearing, and resolving complaints against emergency medical services providers.

The EMSRB also serves as the administering agency for the Health Professionals Services Program (HSPS).


The Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Board was established by the 1995 Minnesota Legislature and began operations on July 1, 1996. According the the Board's 2011 Minnesota Management & Budget Agency Profile, it was one of the first such independent EMS agencies in the nation and has served as a model for other states. Before its existence, EMS functions in Minnesota had been carried out in the Department of Health's EMS Section, dating to the 1960s when EMS was emerging here and nationally as a distinct public health component.

The Office of the Legislative Auditor's report: "Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Board Internal Control and Compliance Audit July 1, 2004, through June 30, 2008" includes this paragraph:
Although statutes do not consider the Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Board one of the health-related licensing boards, it uses the Health Licensing Boards' Administrative Services Unit (services unit) to process its financial activities.


As of 2011, the fifteen members appointed should be arranged in this fashion: one emergency physician, one representative of Minnesota hospitals, one representative of fire chiefs, one full-time firefighter serving as a first responder and is a member of a professional firefighter's union, one volunteer firefighter who serves as a first responder, one attendant currently practicing on a licensed ambulance service who is a paramedic or emergency medical technician, one ambulance director for a licensed ambulance service, one representative of sheriffs, one member of a local board of health representing community health services, two representatives of regional emergency medical services programs (one who must be from the metro regional emergency medical services), one RN currently practicing in a hospital emergency department, one pediatrician certified by the American board of pediatrics w/ experience in emergency medical services, one family practice physician involved in emergency medical services, and one public member.

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Record last updated: 01/31/2019

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